Men's Hair v2.0

Can’t figure out what you really want for your hairstyle?  Got your hair snipped way shorter than what you wanted, or felt like that recent $35 visit took more money out of your pocket than hair off your head?  It’s not always about how much hair your stylist cuts, but how much they leave on.

How to beat basic hair dilemmas:Hairstyle:  If you have fine, wavy hair like Bradley Cooper or Matthew McConaughey (who opt for the anti-barber look), have your stylist give you clean cut basic layers and longer sideburns.  Ask your hair guru to texturize all over to reduce the bulk and give a softer appearance.  Apply soft hold wax or curl defining cream on this hair texture to bring out the style.

Be bold.  Coarse hair has the tendency to spike up when it’s shorter, so why not go for a faux-hawk?  Taylor Lautner and Jake Pavelka from the television show The Bachelor has a short but versatile style.  Wear it down for the corporate look, up and spikey on jeans day.  This is one of my most favorite low-maintenace hairstyles; you can just wash it, toss in some gel, and you’re good to go!

Fine straight hair is the perfect texture for a Chace Crawford or Zac Efron hairstyle.  Like a true surfer, your cut should be relaxed; a wash-and-wear kind of cut.  Just watch out not to cut your fringes (bangs) too short.  They should be just between your eyebrows and eyelid; that length will be perfect.  Leave the bowl cut to Justin Bieber.

Hair Loss:  if you have receding hairline, leave a little length along the hairline about one to one-and-a-half inches.  If you keep it too long, it’ll weigh your hair down make it look thinner.  See your Superstar Stylist every three to five weeks to keep up your look and not appear unkempt.

A bald spot on your crown area will go unnoticed if you keep your hair really short (almost like using a number two hair clipper guide) or grow a mustache to draw attention away from the top of your head.  Start using a gentle, sulfate-free (remember, sulfates are the detergent used in shampoos) cleanser to help prevent early-stage hair-loss.  Hairstyling products are culprits, too!  Gel or wax?  Gel is not bad if it has a low alcohol content and contains soy wheat protein and Vitamin C to fortify each hair fiber.  Wax on the other hand, is almost always alcohol-free and some may even contain sunscreen.  Try to use a wax that is not greasy and has only light hold.

Grey hair:  You probably feel lucky going grey rather than losing your hair completely.  There is nothing wrong with having salt-and-pepper-colored hair as long as you keep it medium length.  But of course you could always peel off a few years by coloring it.  Choose a color that’s close to your natural one.  Try camouflaging it instead of covering it completely to avoid white-hair regrowth after 10 days.

Lowlights aren’t just for girls.  Your stylist can some dark hair while keeping some of the grey.  It’s either done with a few foils or is hand-painted for a very natural-looking effect.  It can actually bring you back the look just before you started to get grey.