Fall in Love With Your Hair Again

Natural, beach-wave tussled hair in SoFlo is great for giving your hair a break from too much heat styling.  This fall however, straight hair is making a come back.

Hairstyle:  Sleek looks are the new ‘dos.  Have your stylist snip your hair in long layers for movement and to rid yourself of the dried out ends post-summer pool chlorine and sea water, and follow up with a reconstructing and repairing masque treatment.   If you have medium to long hair, avoid too many short layers on the top of your head, as this leaves you with a shag look and gives you a lot of fly-aways.  Use a straightening flat-iron with thicker sections to maintain volume: the thinner the section, the flatter your hair gets.  Heavy fringes (aka bangs) create a big change without doing too much.  Cleopatra style fringes that end between your eyebrows and your eyelid will emphasize your gorgeous eyes.

Hair color:  Get rich, deep and glossy hair color to maximize the sleek look.  Rich golden blonde, deep auburn, and glossy copper-red are your best tones for this season, it will reflect so much shine!  Shy away from drab, matte color.  It’ll make your hair appear dry and damaged looking.  Ask your colorist to glaze your hair with a clear gloss on top of your hair color for massive shine without changing shades. 

Make-up and accessories:  Fall make-up is dark, sophisticated and classic.  An even base with your foundation, topped with translucent powder, intense smokey eyes and thick lashes are perfect for your heavy fringes.  Red, iridescent lipstick is a great pair for those smokey eyes with subtle cheeks.  Accessorize your hair with 40s-style feathered clips or headbands.  They are lifesavers when you’re on the go and don’t have the time to fix your hair.  Just clip them in and you’ll be an effortless fashionista!