Let's Talk About Texture

When you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror at the mess sitting atop your head you likely cursed your genes (or the hairstylist you just fired) for giving you the most unmanageable hair ever.  But you don’t have to worry anymore.  We’ll go over some simple hair basics to help those of you with difficult to manage hair types.

There are really only nine types of hair created by two categories, texture and shape.  Texture is basically the thickness of the hair strand, and shape is the level of straightness or curliness.  In other words, you can have fine straight hair, wavy medium hair, or curly coarse hair, the list goes on for the six other hair types for a total of nine.

The three most common hair types are fine straight, fine curly, and curly coarse.  Each pose their own problems (limpness, frizziness, and puffy business), and each have their own unique solutions. Digital Perming, Keratin Treatments, and Japanese Straightening to name a few.

Ok, so we’ve identified the most common and problematic hair types, but what makes them so problematic?  Fine straight hair tends to be limp, long, and heavy.  It’s completely weighed down and has no body or volume.  Fine curly hair has lots and lots of frizz, and finally coarse curly hair is big, busy, and (if you have hair like this) a general nightmare to organize in the morning.

What do we do with each of them?  Well, each solution is as special as their problems.  Sure we could blow-dry and iron coarse curly hair, but it would only last the day and return completely to normal when we wash it.  That’s not practical.  And what about those of you with fine curly or fine straight hair?

Enter, Digital Perming.  I’ll give you a moment to say aloud “Digital Perming!?  What is this nonsense?”  Did you do it?  Good.  Digital Perming is for those of you with fine straight hair (or unruly curls) who wish for some semi-permanent long flowing Kim Kardashian curls of your own.  It’s the next generation of the hair treatment craze and is finally emerging here in the US.  Long gone are the days of curling irons and blow-drys lasting only two hours before returning to your naturally straight hair.  This is an option which will give you some serious curl staying power, without looking like Shirley Temple.

What if you’ve got wiry, chemically-damaged hair?  Allow me to suggest a Keratin Treatment.  Yes, you’ve heard all about it, your friends rant and rave about how it’s changed their lives, cutting blow-dry times in half (yes, I said half) and gives you straight, beautiful, manageable hair that lasts two to four months - perfect for a woman on-the-go.  You can even pair this up immediately after a color service for vibrancy and color longevity.

Are you longing for a wash-and-wear, maintenance-free hairstyle with that fresh out of the salon look (without keeping a stylist on retainer)?  Then Japanese Straightening is the ultimate fix when it comes to getting your hair straightened out permanently.

After any of these solutions for your hair foibles, you should be able to say, “I love my hair!”