Wedding Day Hair Monster

High-stress weddings seem to be all the rage these last few years.  I can't imagine why.  Sure, many of us girls dream of our wedding day for most of our lives, but it seems like we don't get around to planning it until the last minute.  Why?  Today I am going to focus on one of the most important -- and overlooked -- aspects of weddings: your hair and makeup (and when to get it all done).

Hair is a finicky thing.  It's never the way we want; usually it's too long or too short, too light or too dark, too frizzy or too straight.  But that's okay!  A great hairstylist can tame any hair monster.  But first, there are a few things to consider:  What season is it? Are you going to be indoors, or outdoors?  Is your hair naturally straight, or wavy?  The list goes on.

If you're having an outdoor wedding during the summer, an up-do is appropriate.  Of course, if you're indoors, then putting it down could work well.  But what about if your wedding is during the winter?  Are you going after a vintage or contemporary style?  Matching your hairstyle to your dress is as important as finding the right shoes -- take it seriously.

If you're using a photo or celebrity as inspiration for your style, keep in mind that the hairstyle will look different depending on the hair color.  If your picture is that of a brunette with a particular style and you're a blonde but want the same style, it may look different than you expect.

Makeup!  Consider two categories of makeup, especially if your ceremony is in daylight, and your reception is just after sunset.  The daytime makeup will come out well on daylit photos, but may look atrocious at the evening event.  Plan accordingly.

And what about the composition? Silicone, alcohol, or water-based?  Here's some guidance: Silicone-based makeup is amazing for outdoor situations.  It applies perfectly smooth (when used with an airbrush system), and holds up much better (8 to 12 hours!) than all other types of makeup to sweat and humidity.  If you've got oily skin, an alcohol based makeup is a good choice.  It gives you moderate coverage, and won't deteriorate.  If you've got perfect non-sweating skin (lucky you!), you're doing your event completely indoors, and you don't need a lot of coverage, water-based makeup is where it's at.

Prep your skin.  Start getting a regular facial weeks in advance of your wedding.  If you're waxing or plucking eyebrows or other facial hair, have it done at least a week ahead of time to avoid redness or breakouts on the day of your wedding.

Timing:  wait too long and venues won't be available, stylists and makeup artists could already be booked.  Videographers and photographers may come unprepared.  If you're having a pre-wedding pictorial done for albums or announcements, schedule it the same day, but after your trial hair & makeup so you'll get a good idea of how it'll all come out.  Try to have your trial one month ahead of time.  And always have a "rain date," usually within three days or within the very next week with all vendors and venues.

Finally, the season and if your event is indoors or outdoors makes a huge impact on whether to wear your hair up or down.  Carefully consider hair color as it relates to the style you've chosen since styles look different with different hair colors.  Stick with the makeup that is right for you, silicone for anyone, anywhere.  Alcohol-based for those of us with oily skin, and water-based for the brave with completely indoor events.  Also, give yourself enough time that you're not pulling your hair out by the time your wedding day rolls around!  Congratulations!