Spring into Color


Spring, oh how we missed thee! We enjoyed wearing our furry coats, riding boots and burgundy hues on about everything we could find but we welcome warm weather with open arms.


 Not to mention how thrilled our hair is to hair flip the harsh, dry weather adios! 

Once you’ve washed out that deep, conditioning hair treatment you saw on Pinterest, the fun begins! Leave those silver streaks behind and bloom into the new season with the playful trends this spring. From Dip-Dye to Ronze to Balayage Highlights and Blue Tints you’ll be calling to book your next appointment after reading this!


A subtle way to add a witty color you otherwise would have never had the guts to do! This is ideal for the blondes whom love their locks but want a little twist. A light pink is the perfect pair for this just as Miranda Lambert sported in the CMAs very gracefully. It only dyes the tips of your hair so if you have color commitment issues (or commitment issues in general) you will be head-over-heels for this trend. Or if dying all your tips is not for you, dipping a few strands in a baby blue fits too. 


This color is made for the redhead lovers. “Ronze is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown,” according to Matrix StyleLink celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas. This color is great for all complexions; you just have to find the version to fit you the best. For fair skin like actress Julianne Moore, a vibrant undertone would work best. On the other hand, for a darker complexion like singer Rihanna, a blue-based version of ronze would be excellent. 

Balayage Highlights

This is a much more natural take on highlights. Instead of the standard foil highlights that have noticeable regrowth lines this has a softer transition and you can go longer between salon visits. Chrissy Teigen demonstrates how beautiful this technique looks on long hair, with the blending of dark roots into the light blonde color that is evident at the tips. It gives the perfect “sun-kissed glow look” to a tanned complexion like Jessica Alba has been nailing for years on end. 

Blue Tints

An edgy look that is finally appropriate for the office! This trend is great for all the ladies that love sporting their black hair but want an extra oomph. Katy Perry wears this color great (like every other color) as a pinup inspired look. Also, the queen of rocker chic, Demi Lovato rocks black hair with very subtle blue tints that blend into her ends.