New Year New You


If you’re looking to be inspired, you came to the right place. A new year is great time for a new beginning. But it’s not just about the resolutions we make. What’s most important is the way we feel about ourselves in the process. Maybe you’re looking to open a new business. Maybe your wanderlust has ignited and you’re ready to travel down a new path. Whatever 2016 looks like for you, changing your look gives you the boost of confidence you need, to make your goals a reality.


Here are our top picks. May the inspiration be with you.


Goodbye, platinum blonde! Nice to meet you, honey…

If Jessica Simpson can trade up her white platinum blonde highlights for rivers of warm honey, you can too. Honey Blonde brings out a softer side. We’re toning down the shock value to turn up the elegant nuances in color.

Shoulder length is the cut we’re crazy over. 2015 brought with it, a transition in energy. Women everywhere were chopping off their hair and making changes to empower themselves. But we’ve grown a bit. Now that we’ve learned the lessons needed to climb and build foundations we’re proud of, we find a happy medium. Looks like we’re on our way.

Color Shading has emerged. Perhaps a cousin to the ombre and tail coloring we’re used to? This technique uses gradient color shading. It’s basically a cascading blend of a particular tone, taking you from brightest to darkest through each layer. It’s absolutely beautiful and if you’re feeling angelic, it’s added charm is the delicate halo effect at the top. Flawless!


Hues of Blue, the better to look up at the sky and dream with. We’re going bold with our gaze and bringing serenity into the mix. NY Fashion Week was singing the blues for seven days. Hugo Boss strutted down in electric blue eyeliner. It’s sure to bring out the color in your eyes.

There’s a tinkerbell in all of us. Embellishments decorate your world with sparkle. Have fun with this! A line of glitter down your center part and delicate crystals to adorn your lashes. You’re magical and now, your makeup is, too!

Go bare. That’s right. No make up is the new makeup. The best part about 2016? We’re beginning to reconnect with our natural beauty. We’re learning to love ourselves and our bodies. We’re embracing our unique style. Take care of your skin and bless your face with honey, oils or scrubs. You can feel confident, if the only makeup you wear, is your smile.