Hair-Styling Tools You Need On Your Wish List!


 Still thinking about what you want for Christmas? We’re about to give you insight into some of the most innovative styling tools to date. Throw out your old, dingy round brush. Lose that ever confusing and frustrating curling iron and for goodness sake, put that shampoo down. These are the three items you need to add to your wishlist this holiday season:

 1. The StyleWinder by Bio Ionic.

 It doesn’t get any easier than this, ladies. Not everyone is a Pinterest-pro and the stylewinder sympathizes with you. If you can separate your hair into random pieces and use your opposable thumb, the battle is already won. The magic behind this tool is its rotating clamp that creates full waves any pinterest board would be envious of. But wait, there’s more! It has nanoionic minerals that hydrate and condition your hair as you use it. You can control the temperature, digitally. Nothing worse than wondering why, half way through, the heat has disappeared because your thumb has been slowly turning it down as you curl. It goes up to 440 degrees to accommodate different hair types and it’s bioceramic for heat that’s constant and fast. Take your time and make it neat or run it through for a subtle wave. Malibu barbie ain’t got nothing on you!

 2. The BlueWave Brush by Bio Ionic

 What if there was a brush that could cut your blow dry time in half and leave your hair feeling smoother and straighter than you’ve experienced in the past? There is. It’s called the Bio Ionic BlueWave “square-round”, that’s correct, brush. Bio Ionic calls it a breakthrough in brush design, making it one of the most versatile styling tools ever. And yes, you need it.

 3. Decadence - No Poo & One Condition by DevaCurl

 Let’s start here. If you’re an organic loving, vegan crazed, new aged nut, you’ll love

the ingredient list. Chufa milk, quinoa protein and grapeseed oil. A yogi’s paradise. The milk is rich in vitamins and minerals to soothe and nourish. The protein strengthens and protects, while the oil adds shine and luster. Where my curly girls at? The answer to our prayers, this no-poo is especially designed for you, curly and super curly hair. It does not strip your hair of it’s natural oils and of course it is sulfate, paraben and silicon free. Use it just like you should shampoo, excuse my french.

 This year may have been a beauty styling disaster but you can bet your bottom dollar that come next year, you’ll be looking fly and barely trying. Things are looking up for you, doll. Don’t forget to tell Santa we referred you.