Holiday Hair & Makeup Tips



Power of the Ponytail.

“That’s what it’s all about, HEY!” The Ponytail has made a transformative comeback. No longer saved for lazy days, but seen on red carpet celebs like Kim K, Kerry Washington and Gwyneth Paltrow. Here are two classic and simple pony’s to complete your holiday look:

  1. Sleek & Chic. Kim K’s go to when it comes to looking fierce. Part your hair down the middle. Use half a palm full of styling mousse and smooth out the sides. (If you’re more into the gel, try using a really good leave in conditioner. Not only does it do the trick but you’re conditioning while giving your hair extra TLC.) Gather the hair by the nape of the neck. Tie and use the last bit of excess products on your hands to smooth out the tail.

  2. Put a bow on it. Think, Charlotte York from Sex and the City. Accessories pump up any look and that’s especially true of hair accessories. Throw in a pop of color to your metallic shimmery dress with a big red bow or keep it simple with something small and inconspicuous.

Holiday Pin-Up.

Yes, you can use a curling iron but if you want full body, you’re gonna have to put in the work. The night before, grab some rollers, pins, conditioning spray and get to rolling! Make sure you tuck the rolls under if you’re looking for a vintage pin-up look. The next morning, you’ll be glad you did.

Faux Bobs.

Yes, it’s a thing. I had to double take when I first saw it because the cut seemed so real. A little mousse here will do you good. Flyaways and frizzies have no place in this style. This is perfect if you want to amp up the last, Holiday Pin-Up, look and take it up a notch. All you’ll need to do is clip your curls under to the length of your chin. Not only will you have a super cool do but everyone will be asking you about your fab new haircut!


Shimmery, Glittery.

Deep down, every girl wants her face to shine like a mystical fairy who’s beauty is only exceeded by her sugary sweet heart. Am I right? Stars like J.Lo, Britney and VS’s recent runway show, featured shimmery, metallic shadows in the corners of your eyes. This adds brightness and spar kle to the windows of your soul.

Just peachy.

Brown bronzers and red/pink blushes are typical. There’s something about peach-toned blush that adds a warm and happy aura. This season, skip the ordinary and bring in the wow factor.

Stained Lip.

What’s the one thing we all do around the holidays? EAT! That’s why we go all out on our eyes and settle for a nice gloss or tinted balm and call it a day. Who’s got time to reapply? Here’s a tip. Stained lips last longer. Don’t apply the lipstick directly to your lips. Instead, use your finger and gently pat on the color. Seal with a tiny bit of balm to moisturize, not saturate.