3 Simple and Fun Hairstyles and Makeup for Halloween Costumes

You’ve finally found the perfect costume and now it’s time to get real. What are you doing with your hair? How are you going to pull off that complicated looking face paint?

Here are some seemingly complicated hairstyles and makeup that are easy to pull off. Disney Princess? NOT.
We’re moving through a movement of female empowerment. It’s all about warriors, goddesses and strong feminine energy. If you have hot little native outfit, this look is going to open up your creative side and leave you feeling like you came to conquer; Halloween, that is.
Makeup: Keep it simple, white, black and one pop of color. Draw lines on your cheeks, draw dots down your nose and around your eyes, maybe even some bold lines around your neck for effect. Voila! Instant Warrior Princess
that’s sure to turn some heads.
Hairstyle: Think Katniss Everdeen. A sexy messy braid is just the ticket. It doesn’t take long and everything put together will give the impression that you put a lot of thought and time into creating your outfit. Might even win a contest or two.

Under the sea…
Move over, Ariel! We’re moving passed red wigs and purple shell shirts.
Makeup:  All you need to make this super cool and creative look is some fishnet stockings, eye shadows and a slightly damp makeup brush. Align the stockings on the part of your face or parts of your face where you want scales. Take the brush, choose shadow color and apply over the stockings. Continue with different hues until you’ve covered the area.
Hairstyle: A little mousse goes a long way. Mousse up your damn hair, blow dry and part your hair in the center. Got a curling iron or flat iron? Awesome. Take small enough pieces and curl them away from your face. Run your fingers through, a little spray and you’re done!

Black eye liner and red lipstick: let’s do this!
You might be mistaken for a Lichtenstein, which only adds to your already priceless value. (wink, wink)
Makeup:  All you need is black eye liner and red lipstick. First, take the eyeliner and draw into the curves of your faces. Down your nose, across your cheek bones, down your neck and collar bone. Line your lips. Really exaggerate the drawing of your eyebrows. Take the red lipstick and color in your lips. Draw red dots all around and in between the lines you drew. You can add accents like a tear drop or white on your lip for shine.
Hairstyle: No time? Separate a think piece of the front of your hair. Put the rest of your hair up in a messy, wide bun. (Use pins if necessary) Wrap a scarf around the side of your head and tie into a cute knot or bow. *You can choose to tease or not tease the roots underneath, not necessary but will give you more volume. Grab the separated hair and start from the tips of the hair. Use your finger and start to curl and roll the hair up towards your forehead. Smooth out the top and pin your “pin curl” to finish your vintage cartoon look.

Happy Halloween!