kids | 7 ways to get the CUT without the DRAMA

When it comes to kids and haircuts, the two can be completely opposing words and the experience can be quite dramatic. From your perspective, your child is misbehaving; challenging you in public and making you feel embarrassed.

All you wanted was to take a few inches off their increasingly shaggy "do"! From their perspective, there's a strange person, covering their body in plastic and standing behind them with a sharp object, using words like haircut.

Have no fear! We’ve compiled a short list of 7 ways to take the drama out of your next salon visit, for you and your kid.
    •    Call it something else. The first way to go about this, is to change the terminology. Using words like “cut” can trigger negative feelings of anxiety and fear of harm. Calling it a fun, new hairstyle helps to take the panic out of it all.
    •    Scheduling. Give yourself time before the appointment.  Let your child get acquainted with the stylist. (Avoid making appointments during nap time). The more comfortable they are, they more willing they will be to give someone the space to style them.
    •    A Comfortable Seat. The sight of a chair in a salon might set off the ultimate pampering spark in you but to a child, it’s a big cold chair. It can be intimidating. You can give a boost by letting them sit on your lap or bring in the car seat. This is something they’re familiar with and they’re more likely to feel calm and relaxed.
    •    Personal Item. Bring something they’re fond of. A toy, a blanket to comfort and keep them entertained. Bring the whole toy box if you need to. The smoother this goes, the better. You may be surprised with just how accommodating great salons try to be.
    •    Not every child dreams of flying around in a cape. Especially when that cape wraps around your neck like a tight collar and covers your entire body. It’s a better idea to ditch the stylist gown and bring in and extra t-shirt for them to change into.
    •    Snacks. This can be tricky, depending on what you bring. Avoid sticky foods like lollipops, candy or anything that can make a mess. A hungry kid is a cranky kid.
    •    Reward Them. Who doesn’t love to be rewarded? When it’s all over, bring something to reward them and end it as a positive experience. It also let’s them know you’re proud of what they’ve accomplished.

A salon visit really doesn’t have to be all that scary and dramatic. Plan ahead and give your child a fun and exciting new experience. You’ll be happy, they’ll be happy and the next time will be something you’ll both look forward to.