Benefits of deep conditioning


Feeling a little dry these days? Have you thought about how dry your hair might be feeling? How quick are you to condition your lips when they’re chapped or rub lotion on those ashy elbows?


How many times have you gone to the salon, been offered a deep conditioning treatment and decided against it? “Another time, perhaps.” We seem to think our hair is invincible and that washing with shampoo and conditioner is enough. It couldn’t possibly be screaming for moisture. We’re going to touch on the benefits of a deep conditioning treatment and signs you’re just continuing to damage your hair without it.

Let's talk about style: Gels that dry, tools that fry and and all along, your hair cries. When does it get a break? No mercy, huh ladies? Deep conditioning allows your hair more flexibility to take on the torture that it endures day after day. It creates lubrication and nutrients to combat the damage, leaving as little as possible. This increases the elasticity of your hair because conditioning carries emollients, fancy word for moisturizers, that help your hair bounce back from dryness and damage. 

You do crave that healthy looking hair, don’t you?

Let's talk about breakage: Hair is porous. This means that, just like your skin, it can retain moisture. When that moisture is gone, you are left with open, dry pores, aka holes in your hair. This is what causes your hair to break. You’re left with no protection and bound to find yourself with those tiny little “baby hairs” after using the infamous flat iron. You know what I’m talking about? Those aren’t baby hairs. Those are pieces of your hair that have burned, broken off because the hair has been without protection. Deep conditioning fills the holes that leave strands weak and vulnerable to frizz, breakage & split ends.

The Good News:Our  in-salon treatments are customized to repair, strengthen, enhance, nourish and protect the needs of your hair. Our stylists individually prescribe for your hair type to return your hair to it's most natural, healthy state. Série Expert Powerdose, our top deep conditioning treatment, features core-to-surface technology targeting all areas of each strand of hair. It provides instant, deep conditioning & shine. At aztig, we also carry quality products for continued maintenance, leaving you with healthy, happy hair that makes for a healthier, happier you. Call us today to make an appointment.954.358.9707