MAKE-UP hacks | every girl should know


Secrets? We’ve got ‘em. Tips? Get your phones ready. You might want to screenshot these for later.

 What’s the most common question when it comes to dressing up our eyes? To cateye or not to cateye? 

There’s another option!

tip #1: Inside The Lines. Trace the inside of your top lid with eyeliner of choice. Keep it light. You just want to fill in the gaps between the lashes and give your eyes a fuller look. The technique is subtle but you’ll definitely notice the difference.Personally, I love this look. It hugs the curves of your eyes just right. A beautiful balance between mysterious and professional. But the biggest challenge, is keeping your hand from shaking or your liner from smudging. 

Bottom eyeliner can make quite the statement.

But when the smudge is getting more attention than your eyes, it’s time to try our tip #2: The Line Saver. Draw that beautiful line, like we know you can. Then, take an eyeshadow brush with skin colored or concealing powder and smooth out underneath to clean up any unwanted smudging.

 Oh no! You knew you should have stopped on your way home from work and your mascara is on it’s last breath. 

tip #3: Drop It Like It’s Hot. If you’ve got some visine handy, you’re in luck! Pour a couple drops into your lifeless mascara and pump the brush a few times. As good as new!

or at least it’ll buy you a few days.  

 If you don’t know about this nifty little trick then your world is about to get rocked. How can you achieve glamour lashes without falsies? tip #4: Heat Curling Lashes. Use a blowdryer to heat up your eyelash curler. It’s just like using a curling iron on your hair. Hold for a few seconds and voila! Get your bat on, ladies.

 Red lipstick is a must in my purse. I have to be prepared for the moment I get a call to go out and don’t have time to head home. But red is just one color to make a statement with. Experiment with different colors and find the one you can’t live without. tip #5: A pop of color on your lip is the secret weapon to going from day to night. 

 Trend Alert! As summer comes to an end and a new season starts to fall, earthy browns are back on the scene. This is a good opportunity to have some fun. Take some time in front of the mirror and go through tutorials on shaping with eyeshadows. This trend is all about showing off your creative skills while keeping it relatively “natural”.