trending hair-Styles for SoBE 2015


It’s Miami Beach, summer is here and it’s hot! If you’re on the same page as most of the brave women down here, you are more than ready to lose the fur coat hanging from your scalp. But spark and courage only gain momentum when you know what you want. Need some direction? Let’s dive into 5 of the hottest styles, in no particular order, strutting around SoBe. That includes classic and trending summer looks for 2015. For those proud and in love with their locks, we’ve got some looks for you, too. 


 5. . The “Wavy” Bob

The best part about bobs? There are so many different shapes. Go for an edgy a-line bob, a classic and always in-style bob or get sassy with a chin length flip. Not sure which one? Ask your stylist. They can suggest a cut that compliments the curves of your face.

 4.  The “Fringe” Layer

Think laid back, native, hipster look. Fringe is fun and not just for boots and handbags. This is a look that screams sexy and playful. If you’re not ready to chop, you can spice it up a bit.

3. The “Ruby Rose” Undercut

If you haven’t been paying attention, Ruby Rose is the new girl on OITNB. Everyone is obsessed. But it’s not just her good looks and mysterious charm that’s got people talking, it’s that hair! The undercut is the latest trend and it’s giving women the chance to play with androgyny. 

 2. The “Long” Layer 

Long is always in and if you’re willing to maintain your cool this summer, lengthy layers will do you good. A little snip here and there will leave you refreshed, free from split ends and with healthy hair. If you can’t catch much of a breeze, at least your locks will be flowing gracefully.

 1. The “Full Monty” Buzzcut

 Lot’s of women are taking to this powerful feminine energy that has been raising our vibrations in confidence and self-esteem. Shaving your head is a sure way to show you what you’re made of. It’s all the rage and if you’ve got the #mammo’s to do it, rock on! 

 As women, we tend to identify with our hair. It’s our source of power, beauty and strength. That means it’s kind of a big deal. However, if something doesn’t turn out the way you plan, make the best of it. On the other hand, it’s just hair and it will grow back. Choose a style lift your spirit and raise your confidence. 

Because you are a beautiful, powerful and capable of all that you believe you are. It’s amazing what a new haircut can do.