Men's Hairstyles 2015


Get carried away with the infinite number of various Men’s Hairstyles of 2015

From the past up until today, we have seen many sexy hairstyles trending amongst men that have positively driven the ladies wild. Classic retro looks have definitely been making a come back as well as the bedhead look that never died down and an endless variety of fades. Who said men can’t be hair savvy? This summer, it’s up to you what you want to do for your hair do! So let’s take a stroll down some-but not all-of the magnificent men’s hairstyles because If I were to mention all of them, you’d be reading this blog all day.


It is so very obvious that you can’t go wrong with a simple shaved head like Jake Gyllenhall’s. We live in the Sunshine State where the sun makes you sweat in places you never thought possible, including your neckline. A shaved head will definitely do justice in this weather because feeling the breeze alongside your head is sure to cool anyone off. Shoot, even women shave their heads for the benefit of the cool side of the pillow! Shaved to faded sides (including the back side) with tad bit longer strands up top (say about an inch) has been one of the more popular looks this summer for men who wish to add a little more spunk to their shaved head scenario.

The shaved head isn’t for just everyone. Some guys like to be more dapper. The most favored amongst men has been medium hair length cuts. For many different facial structures and unique styles, let’s take a stride into the world of stylish medium men cuts.

Ruby Rose may be a woman but she definitely pulls off one of the best rockabilly medium cuts by far so watch out guys! Side parts and pompadours are everywhere. From short to long hair, the side part can be worn in a casual get up or a more business professional look. It brings the retro feel to your get up. There’s nothing sexier than a mysterious man who looks like he came from the past and time traveled to our future. Hey, history repeats itself! Medium haircuts can be worn messy or clean, such as Justin Timberlake’s emphasized side part for a more classic style or a more sharp pompadour look like Leonardo Dicaprio’s.  For any length and facial structure, this look is easily maintained with some pomade or gel added to wet hair or if you want to be more dramatic, a blow dryer with a cylinder brush will do. Short sides plus medium length hair up top equals fashion perfection.

Besides the fashionable medium cuts, it is the age of the fade! Men have so many fun styles to choose from. A fade can either complete your business attire or complete a casual look. Nobody can ever go wrong with a fade.  From Mid-High fades to disconnected fades and to clean or sharp lined fades, the list goes on and if you have an amazing barber, you’ll look so delicious that girls will chase you like you were the last man on Earth. Choose wisely when deciding on the perfect cut…either you do or you don’t want to be suffocated by women.

Long hair? Man buns are in. Shaved sides and long hair up top like dreamy David Beckham’s are mostly seen by Futbol stars of all nationalities, so if you want to look as edgy as the soccer players, this cut is for you. Natural curled Afros or tight waves down to your mid back, swept to the side, show us the free spirit in you and with a little bit of mousse magic, you’ll have a flirty look that will catch stares here and there. This style will also make you look younger for it goes hand in hand with a side sweep to camouflage a receding hairline so have no fear when your receding hairline is here. Remember this: girls love long hair on men so it will never go out of style, look at Fabio, he never gave the power of his long hair a break.

I gave you guys a general look into 2015’s summer dos. If you want to turn heads and make your girlfriend jealous, think long and hard about which style will be best suited for you. A man can look just as good as his girl, if not better when chosen the most outstanding cut. If you want to keep or get your dream girl, keep yourself well groomed. There is a look for every man out there. Once there was a time when men had few categories to pick from but now, the choices are practically eternal. Stylists are at their peaks with men hairstyles this year. Take advantage of looking your best!