For the Love of Make Up


As most women know, makeup is usually a girl’s best friend...
Sometimes it's closer to us than even some friends and family. So, how do you know when make up is your friend and not your enemy? How do you know that it will either help mesmerize your crush or put you in a circus? Or worse, not land that job you so desperately needed or wanted. Well, for those of us whom work, the “all natural gal’ “ look is most suitable. Don’t apply the dramatic “club hopper” make up that you would wear on a night out. What I mean by that is, no smokey eyes (or obnoxious, glittery eye shadows), avoid loud lipstick (nude or neutral pinks) and no fake eyelashes or over-done eyeliner! If anything, add some bronze to your finished make up for a natural glow. The workplace is where you must be looked at as a professional and if you over do it with your make up, nobody will take you seriously. You’ll be seen as unprofessional and disrespectful because, in general, your future boss or current boss wants their employees to be well-kept, clean and presentable. As far as how well you do your make up on those night’s to mingle or on those weekends where work isn’t a thought in your head until Sunday night. Here’s some additional advice: if you don’t already know the in-and-outs, here are some of the beauty ins that all make up professionals know.
For your overall foundation and contour usage:
-Use a sparkly highlighter to your contour because it reflects most light then add a matte bronzer which absorbs the light.
-Mixing a fuller foundation with moisturizer will give you a lighter foundation. Now, if you want it either way around, a thicker foundation can be mixed slightly with loose powder. Be careful, overdoing it will give you glue results.
-To everyone’s surprise, thin beverage napkins and toilet seat covers makes the best excess oil removers. Yes, it’s true!
-If you want a radiant effect, mix your foundation with a pearl or golden eye shadow.
-If you run out of face primer, a little cornstarch before foundation works wonders.
-Take some pink or red lipstick and add to both cheeks, both eyelids, lips, and blend in. Voila! Instant make over.
-Egg whites surprisingly tightens the skin (acts like a natural collagen) so whip up an egg white, apply to the face, leave on for 20 minutes then apply make up. This acts as an all-natural facelift. For the winter, similarly whip up an egg white but add some extra virgin olive oil to the egg, leave on for 20 minutes then apply make up. This hydrates and adds glow to your skin. (This mixture also benefits the hair, just with added avocado)
For your sweet blush:
-Add your favorite blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation. This gives you a natural blush flush coming from beneath your skin.
-Apply two shades of blush. Any reds or pinks should be added to the apple of the cheek and an orangey pigment to the top of the cheekbone. Then finish off with bronzer, (preferably matte) to the nose, forehead, cheekbone and chin.
-When you need your blush to stay put for as long as possible (I’m talking about all day or all night), layer a gel formula under a powder or bronzer
-Surprisingly, fake blood and Cherry Jell-O are the ideal blush shades for the apple of your cheeks.
-Add some blush lightly to the crease of your temples.
For your beautiful eyes and eyebrows:
-To reduce puffiness under the eye, put eye lotion in the freezer then apply before eye make up.
-Erase stubborn under eye bags by applying an orange tinted concealer in a Triangular shape, the base starting at the eye and the angle downward. Feather the concealer downward and you’ll get rid of those tired-looking eyes.
-Start your eyeliner at the first crease at the beginning of your eye towards the middle then stop. Then start from the end crease and meet in the middle. For the cat eye, start from the bottom of the end crease and curve upward.
-For brown eyes, use blue and purple undertones to make them stand out. For blue eyes, use orange and peach undertones. For green eyes, use red undertones. The opposite colors of your eyes are what make your eyes and shadow stand out.
-If your mascara begins to clump, add some sterile saline solution to the tube. This will add moisture and you can continue to reuse that mascara!
-Apply mascara before eyeliner to guide you to the perfect cat eye. Also, a plastic spoon right beneath the lashes can help guide you to the perfect cat eye effect as well as protecting the smudge on your skin when you apply mascara to the lower lashes.
-To brighten the face use a luminizer in the inner corner of the eye then add underneath the eye.
-Borrow your children’s sharpened No. 2 pencils because they are the best shade to sketch in eyebrow hairs.
-Add dimension to your brows or length to your lashes with a golden shadow pigment either before mascara or as an eyebrow finish.
-Apply primer all the way up to the brows so brow and eye color won’t smudge.
-Adding a nourishing balm to your eyebrows at bedtime guarantees thicker and fuller eyebrows in a few weeks
For those luscious lips:
-If you’re looking for the best red for you, apply a color with the same undertone as your complexion all over the lips then add a red with the opposite tone to the center to create a fuller effect. Also, adding concealer to the outer corners of the lips will also create fuller lip effects. Use flesh toned eyeliner to outline your lips to create a fuller look.
-Adding color corrector to the lips then adding lipstick will make your lip color pop out.
-Test lipstick on your inside fingertip because it closely resembles your own lip color.
-Pick a lipstick that’s either lighter or deeper than the color inside your lip.
-Dab some gloss after lipstick application, to the Cupid’s bow and the center of your lip for a Victoria Secret Angel’s lip plumping effect.
 Now that you know some of the expert’s beauty tips, you can carry them with you in your memory for the rest of your life. Share them with those who need them. It all takes practice but you’ll have these all memorized in no time and in due time, you’ll be swatting off men like flies! Please keep in mind that these tips can work for everyday use as well as in the workplace but remember to steer clear of the dramatic make up unless you’re venturing in the night on South Beach and most importantly, be comfortable in your skin!