Summer Trends!


Welcome back Summer with the best hairstyles of 2015!

Summer 2015 is finally here to pair the best of hairstyles with that oh so flirty summer dress you’ve been dying to wear all year long. No beach hats please because the best hair do’s are here! From fun braids and romantic waves to teased hair and edgy ponytails, the hottest Celebs are leading the way with the most stunning of hair trends. Sit back and take notes as we guide you through the season’s hairstyle fashions.

Long, wavy and voluminous do’s are definitely in this Summer but don’t be alarmed! Cute short cuts like Katie Holme’s chic bob and Scarlette Johanson’s pixie cut are still in girls! Shorts cuts can be styled to curl perfection too and the best parts about these cuts are that they’re less of a hassle and resistant against the heat of the summer. Cute hair bands and bows can always spunk up your do as well for a girly sweetheart look.

 Stunning Boho waves are a must have this season and Kate Hudson accentuates the style ever so cleverly. Layers flowing freely give you the perfect summer time look.  That simple yet sophisticated slick-back wet-look that Iggy Izalea rocks so well is great for a night out with any sexy cocktail dress but summer is all about the volume this year. Styled and uplifted at the root gives you that edgy look that we adore Beyonce so much for. To put the lengthy hair trend in a nutshell: all waves are good waves so keep that flat iron on the sidelines for now.

 Waves aren’t stopping there! The short bob and pixie cuts we all know and love so much are growing out from fall’s season to give us that perfect length for a bed-head hairstyle. Wavy do’s can be manipulated for all hair lengths, not just the long ones because summer is here to give them a twist no matter the style. Have no fear if you’re growing out those bangs! Rule of thumb: Middle-part those bangs and incorporate them into those curls. Side sweeps can definitely be paired with a wavy look, take it from Sarah Paulson who shines bright with hers.

 Braids are worn by all well known celebs from Dakota Fanning to Vanessa Hudgens. Whether short hair or long hair, braids have been and continue to still be in- which is great because braids are so much fun to wear. Braids bring life to your loose hair, buns and ponytails. News flash: If you can’t braid, I suggest you learn right away! Google! There you will find the ins and outs of hair braiding. Also, don’t dismiss those cutesy hair accessories like those worn by Eva Mendez! They are a must have for those upcoming summer time music festivals or that itty-bitty beach bikini!

 Now, It’s amazing how creative you can get with a simple ponytail. Messy and low or high ponytails with a hidden tie by a hair wrap around and long feathered bangs are a fast and effective last minute style. If you’re looking to take your time with a ponytail then I’d suggest Olivia Wilde’s perfect bubble ponytail or Sarah Hyland’s braid with a slight pomp.

 Subtle yet funky pastel colors are in, especially lavender Greys like those worn by Jourdan Dunn. Not only do the pastels scream summer, if you’re brave enough to own neon green hair like Kesha or Mermaid Blue like Kylie Jenner, by all means go crazy! If you’re skeptical, you don’t have to go full head because a few highlights here and there are always a fun surprise!

 There are so many amazing hairstyles this summer. The best do’s always depends on you. Not only is your hairdo the perfect accent to any outfit, take into consideration your face shape and skin tones as well as your confidence girls! Once you have achieved your individual look by these standards, you’ll be summer time ready without the summer time sadness! The best hair trends of the season will have you feeling oh so flirty this summer so hop on the summertime band wagon just as all the coolest celebs do.