Anti Frizz Control


Controlling frizz can be easy ladies! Here’s how:

 One thing on every girl’s mind is this: frizz. We all cringe at the idea of being seen by anyone with frizzy hair. We can all agree that winter is by far our hair’s favorite time of the year but what about summer? Summer means fun in the sun, sexy bikinis and awesome tans. The only down fall: unmanageable hair. Why should we even worry about that? Obviously, we always want to look our best. Luckily, by doing these few simple steps, you will find that your hair will look as vibrant and silky smooth as ever during this time of the year. I am almost positive that every stylist does not stress this enough: Do not brush dry hair. I can almost guarantee that when you brush dry hair, frizz magically appears. Well, it’s not black magic. The reason lies within all the complex cells that take part into making up a strand of hair. These strands of hair are layered with cuticles. When these cuticles get disrupted with brushing through dry hair, breakage occurs which primarily causes frizz so towel dry and mask the hair with some leave in conditioner or your favorite anti-frizz product.


If you absolutely must calm down that crazy hair, easily wet your hands and run them through your hair. Your fingers are the most natural and organic of combs. Some spray detangler or watered down conditioner works even better than water for those more untamable locks. Natural oils also give shine and hydrates. Your hair is famished at this point so give it a little hydration.

 Protein in your conditioner is key and alcohol free products will be your hair’s best friends! Protein enriched conditioners controls frizz and gives shine! Alcoholic products will certainly dry hair out. Protein powder your boyfriend drinks after the gym isn’t the same thing so please don’t put it in your conditioner. You’d be surprised what some people may do when they’re desperate for anti-frizzy hair!

 Try your best not to chemically treat your hair. Chemicals strip your hair of proteins, which are vital to healthy hair. Try ammonia free and PPD hair dyes for a less traumatic experience on your hair. Keratin treatments are one of the best ways to control frizz for it enriches the hair with protein.

 Keep hair iron use to a minimum. If you smell and hear your hair cooking, that is definitely a problem! Natural hair is happy hair! The more you leave it alone, the better. If you must style, use a round brush and a blow dryer. Try not to concentrate so much on a particular part of your hair for too long, cuticles will rise. Overdrying your ends is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, try to steer clear once dried.

 Another tip: Biotin vitamins. You’d be surprised how fast your hair grows. They do wonders! Not only to your hair, but to your complexion and nails too! Also, don’t forget that cutting your hair regularly will also help (at least with those dead ends).

 When in doubt, always do your research or ask your stylist. Your stylist is the expert and will know what’s best for your hair. Remember, they’re your stylists for a reason! They are there to be resourceful when it comes to your hair because they were trained to do so! These simple guidelines will help you for the rest of your life and your hair will thank you for it. Don’t let summer ruin your hair, tackle that frizz every chance you get and you will see the difference.