Spring Hairstyles


Hairstyles tend to come and go. One year, the bob is in. The next year, everyone is in love with long locks. A horrible hairstyle can bring down an entire outfit. You could be dressed to the nines, but a messy up-do is really going to mess with your overall image. Conversely, a fabulous hairstyle can bring even the most drab of outfits full circle.


A truly spectacular hairstyle contains a lot of weight, and an infinite number of possibilities. There is a lot that goes into a hairstyle. It depends on the shape of your face, as well as various hair styling components: hairspray, mousse, bobby pins, etc. There’s also different hairstyles that are popular for different seasons. So, the question remains. What is popular for spring 2015?


Apparently, being a ‘warm blonde’ is more fun than simply being a regular old blonde. You might hear the terms ‘warm blonde’, or ‘caramel blonde’. What they’re all referring to is the idea of having blonde hair with highlights that brighten the overall color. It presents warmer tones, and makes the skin glow. Nobody wants giant stripes in their hair, but they do want the subtle sheen of a darker shade of blonde. There’s also the pop of red everywhere you look. Before, red heads were deemed shocking. They were banned from wearing certain colors, and they were often allocated to not being the prettiest hairstyle. Those days, however, are clearly gone. Celebrities far and wide are going for a bolder red than ever before. From Emma Stone to Jessica Chastain, these colors are in season. They range from ‘strawberry red’ to ‘copper red’, but red is the ultimate go-to.


It’s obvious that the ‘boy band’ look has come back full swing, except this time, women are more interested. The ‘boy/pixie cut’ has become increasingly popular. Starting with a boom, Miley Cyrus really showed what this look could accomplish. Now, other actresses have hopped on the bandwagon, from Kaley Cuoco to Scarlett Johansson. The asymmetrical bob is also a crowd pleaser this season. While the regular bob goes in and out of popularity, more and more women are parting their bobs to the side. This creates a swing of hair in the front that is slightly longer than the other side. It’s an edgier and bolder look; something that is apparently hot this spring.


The sisters of Arendale really made braids popular. The ‘Elsa’ braid is a constant must: a style that everyone is trying to mimic. Braids are being incorporated into just about any hairstyle you can imagine. From up-dos, to half up half down, women are seeking out varying types of braids that are available, and trying to decide which ones look the best. Another popular style this season is the ponytail. Many may wonder if ponytails ever went out of style. Perhaps not. However, they were more ‘in’ for a sporty look, relative to a chic one. Ponytails, of any variety, are now sweeping celebrity nation, and conquering all of the women who love to follow the fads.

So, whichever trends are your favorite this season, it might be enjoyable to try something different. Be adventurous and go for a new style, cut or color. The spring season has it all!