Prom Seaon




The prom is an American right of passage. It is a delightful combination of a fluttering heart as that special boy asks you to be his date, the agony of finding the right dress, the hurried rush through the mall to find the immaculately matched accessories, and finally, that gentle joy as his eyes light up when he sees you in your glorious splendor.But getting ready for the prom can be quite the process. Before you make a beeline for a dress shop like Camille La Vie to score your prom chic, decide your look. This will make it easier for you to coordinate your style to prom queen level!

Whether you favor a look that is timeless classic, in-the-moment contemporary or hair-in-the-wind bohemian, stick to one look. Once you have settled on a look, it is relatively easy to find the dress and the doo-dads that go with it. The makeup and hair, on the other hand, is another story.

 So make sure you choose the right salon, which can transform your everyday pretty face to the polished evening look you desire.

 Now, let us focus on what the fashionistas are finding chic this prom season.


Cool and Classic:

 The Classic look is always in. Elegantly draped plunging necklines, sleek silhouettes and that touch of glamor with sweeping hemlines are always the go-to for the whimsical lady. Finish the look with stone encrusted peep toes and a silken clutch.

 For the hair, go for a structured, coiffed look. Perhaps a carefully made chignon that emphasizes your long neck and the bold necklace around it is your perfect choice.

 The make up palette is bronzed and brave. Emphasize your eyes with a sultry lengthened “cat-like” look and your lips with gleaming red lipstick. Balance the bold look with bare cheeks and just a touch of glitter in your hair.

 Here’s to the belle of the ball!


Trendy and Contemporary 

If you are the resident trendsetter, then you know it’s the season of the outrageous. From asymmetrical Hollywood glam to crop front-to-back, skin is in! So as a devotee of style, if this is your look for the evening, don’t forget the shimmering sandals; the bold, geometrical and eye-catching large jewelry; and the tiny accompanying clutch.

 Keep the hair contained in a pouf, high and tight ponytail or an edgy, textured triple bun. Highlight your eyes with a smoky look and don’t be stingy with the shimmer. Use matte lipstick to anchor the dazzling look.


Bringing Back Bohemia

 If you favor the yesteryears, get out the flowers! For you, it’s the pretty baby doll dress with long flowing sleeves and a romantic flowing skirt. Team it up with high wedges and pretty flower-power jewelry that is all the rage on the runways this season.

 Bronze up your eyes, keep the cheeks a dewy nude and let glossy lips reign. It can’t be bohemian chic unless your hair is a mass of waves, perhaps with some flowers woven in. If you want a more controlled look, the boho braid is the way to go.

 Whatever your look, remember that this is your night to shine. So dance away, twinkle toes, and may your prince be chivalry incarnate!