Less is More This Fall

If you’re looking for short hair cuts to end the summer, you’ve probably seen Miley Cyrus’ pixie cut. You've probably also browsed thousands of images for that short hairstyle but still can't decide if you're going to go for it. What are you waiting for? End the over-processed summer-of-hair stringy-and-brittleness business. Here’s a few tips to encourage you:

First, define your texture (the diameter of each strand) and curl pattern. If your hair is fine to medium texture and straight, stop agonizing over the decision to cut your hair and just do it. It will grow back, I promise.

If your hair is coarse and curly, there are couple of things to consider. If your curls start midway to the ends, you're safe, but if your curls start near your scalp, you should opt for a medium-length haircut or do some straightening first.

Define your facial shape. This may be what is holding you back the most. Maybe you fear a fuller-looking face that screams “diet!”, right? Luckily, we can rule out oval or oblong-shaped faces as we know it's the “perfect” shape. Square, you can go pixie but make sure you ask your hair guru to create roundness on the crown or full side bangs to create softness. Round faces should use wispiness on the side layers and wispy bangs. Make sure the sides of your hair is at least an inch longer than your jawline.

Define your style. Use wax for a natural look with minimal shine but skip this if you have oily skin because scalp is skin. With SoFlo's weather, you'll end up having a cowlicked look. Use spray gel or finishing spray for light hold instead.

For a completely risk-free way to simulate the look, try on a wig from the store and make sure it is close to your haircolor and the short style that you’re opting for.  Finally, for the gloriously long hair you’ll be lopping off, donate it. It's a beautiful cause: “Locks of Love helps disadvantaged children suffering from medical hair loss”.  Visit for more info.