Hot Summer Braids

Hot summer, hot hair! How do you maintain your composure despite the summer heat? In this article I will help you survive June bridal events, outdoor luncheons, and everyday workwear hair.  Braids are back with creative vengeance!

Bridal braids. For any style of dress, The “Greek Braid” ( is a winner. Your hair will be all braided-up from front to back. Be sure to define your parting first, before braiding. If you’re going for a slightly different look, parting your hair off center makes your features softer especially if you you're conscious about a small nose, it will help emphasize it more. For a one-shoulder dress, do a side braid (like a headband) one inch from the hairline; either put your hair all up or put your hair down on one side.  Going half-up with a “Waterfall Braid” ( is also a hit for the texture it brings and keeps your hair from your face while maintaining your hair down for that ethereal look.

Outdoor braid. All up and above, with hair closer to the heavens. An “Up-side-down Braid” ( is a do 'do. It’s perfect if you have super-thick hair that even hundreds of bobbi pins can't handle.  Braiding your hair upside down will keep it in place even if you’re dancing, but please skip the French braid. It's way too old-fashioned unless you want to be mistaken for an old maid.

Workwear braid. You don’t have to just pull up or ponytail your hair when going into work this season. Be more fun and creative! Do a twist-braid on one side of your bangs or try a fishtail braid if you have long or extra long hair.  Of course I can’t expect you to do it yourself on the first try, but with practice you'll be able to do at least side braid or twist braid.