Summer's Hottest Hair Trend

The Look
Anyone familiar with American Idol -this season especially- is fully aware of the several changes the show has taken on.  Namely the amazing talent to make it to Hollywood this year, and replacement of two of the three judges, most importantly (in the hair and fashion industry) the introduction of Steven Tyler.  Not only has bringing on Steven Tyler increased the number of rock n’ roll music performances on the show, it has also unleashed a torrent of new hair and fashion ideas.

The last fashion season saw the rise of feather accent headbands, but this year, Steven Tyler’s Feather Hair Extensions are taking the world by storm.  And there’s a reason:  it just looks cool.

Steven’s feather extensions are reminiscent of Native American accouterments and Steven seems to be able to pull off any fashion he likes; from big floppy hats, to purple leopard-spotted blouses, he’s wearing it all.  His courage to wear feathers created a new sensation that many A-listers are taking part in such as Vanessa Hudgens, Hillary Duff, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ke$ha.

How To Get It
The Internet makes it possible for fashion news to spread and create demand for fashion items before supply even reaches local markets -but that’s great news for those of you who want to be the first to sport the new look!

The best-looking feather extensions are going to be the one’s made specifically for you, usually by you, your stylist, or other fashion guru in your life.

Grab some magazines and find the feather looks you like.  Bring the clippings and head to your nearest craft store and raid their feather section.  Unfortunately, not all craft stores are created equal, so it may take a couple of tries until you find the right store for your needs.  You may also try online suppliers of specialty bird feathers, just make sure they’ve been gathered humanely.

While you’re at the craft store, grab some embroidery thread (the stuff you make friendship bracelets out of) that is similar to your haircolor (or any color that suits you).  Attach the string to the feather(s) and attach the extension to your hair!  You can use hairpins or bobby clips to do the job so you can remove it at night, or you can braid them in.  Voila!

How To Pull It Off
Grabbing just any color feather from the craft store and sticking it in your hair will likely end with funny looks and embarrassment.  The key to the current look is subtlety.  Notice Steven’s extensions don’t scream “LOOK AT ME - I’M A FEATHER”.  Instead, It’s a quiet statement of courage.  For this, I don’t recommend using any of the primary colored feathers available at the craft store.  Look for the more natural-looking, earthy-colored feathers.  Oh and prints!  Printed or color-textured feathers are awesome, too!

Ultimately, don’t let color ward you off from this fashion yahoo.  If you like it, and you can pull it off, do it.