Employ Your Hair to Get Employed

So you don’t have a job.  Don’t pull your hair out.  You’ll need it!  I bet you’ve already got several companies lined-up for an interview.  It’s time to put your best face forward by looking your best.

Haircolor.  Make sure you don’t have miles of re-growth that contrasts with your existing hue on your ends.  If your natural hair color is from dark to light brown and you have faded blonde or red tones, it might look like you’ve really forgotten to take care of yourself.  This will look like complacency.  How you keep up with with your hair will show your future employer your type of personality, whether or not you’re on top of things, and how resourceful you are.  Obviously, you may be holding back on your salon visits, but ask your colorist if she can do just the top of your hair or your hairline or just whatever is showing.  It won’t take as much product or time so maybe you will get a better deal.  If this still doesn’t fit your budget, try Nutrisse by Garnier.  Because it has color conditioning, your hair will have radiance, also it’s got a wide variety of the blonde, brown and red shades.

Up.  It all comes down to what job you are applying for.  Wearing your hair up is appropriate for medical careers, law firms, accounting or food-service industries.  It portrays cleanliness and neatness.   A classic bun is a safe choice, but try giving it a modern twist.  What you need:  rubberbands, hair pins, bobbi pins, and hairspray.  Your hair in tight ponytail but leave a triangular section of your fringe (bangs).  Apply hairspray on the the ponytailed hair to smooth the hair before braiding it.  When you’re done braiding, wrap it around the base to form a bun.  When you reach the end, secure it with the bobbi pins. If  you have shorter hair sticking out from the braid use hair pins or sometimes called ‘invisible’ pins to tame it.  Make sure the pins you use are close to your hair-color.  If you have dark hair, use black bobbi/hair pins and gold or silver ones on light hair.  Sweep your bangs to the side and spray to hold it, they are your best hair accessory when you wear it up.

Down. Wearing your hair down (bouncy and fluffy) conveys a sense of confidence: that you are not scared to try new things.  This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a creative job like marketing or design firms, chefs (but not while cooking!), or architects.  You could also wear your tresses straight, just make sure that it is ultra-sleek and lustrous.  What you need: Curling or flat iron, blowdryer, volumizing gel, serum, and hairspray.  Cleanse your hair, towel dry and apply volumizing gel from roots to ends.  Hand dry your mane 100%.  Grab a two-inch section of hair and smooth the roots to mid-shaft with a flat iron then spritz hairspray on the ends before winding three inches from the ends.  This will give you a “C” wave on the ends of each section.  When you finish the entire head, bend over and lower your head to blow it out to give it some fluffiness.  Next, pump a dime-sized amount of shine serum, spread it on your palm and scrunch your hair upward then finish with the hairspray.  I hope this will surely land you the job!