Hey Ombre!

Notice the hair of the the VS angels recently?  No?  Grab the catalog and take a second look at the Victoria’s Secret girls.  Their hair color seems so natural and their roots are visible, right?  Well, that’s the hottest look right now! A few of our favorite Hollywood stars are wearing the ombre ([AHM-bray], meaning “graduated” or “shaded” in French) style like Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson and Camila Alves, to name a few.  The color tone is gradual and that’s what gives the effect of having spent some time at the beach, it makes your highlights look natural and are defined mostly on the ends.

Here are some good reasons the look might work for you. First, if you have an elongated facial shape, ombre will widen the look around your jaw and chin because the lightness is heavier on the bottom of your hair (and we know that light colors tend to give the appearance of a bigger size).  Second,  it stretches out your salon visits.  Because it is darker on the roots and gradually lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair, you’ll no longer have that hard line of demarcation when your hair grows back in.  Not only you are saving a few bucks from getting your mane done so frequently, but it also prevents your hair from continuous chemical damage.  Lastly, it’s beauty achieved effortlessly.  You’ll look fabulous without looking overdone.

How is it done?  Your colorist will most likely need to use the balayage (hand-painted) or foiling technique, but make sure they know what they are doing.  Schedule a consultation and ask questions to see if your colorist knows that ombre is the name of the style.

Would you be able to do it yourself?  Sure!  If you’ve already got highlights all you have to do is to cover your new growth with a darker shade (something close to your natural hair color), and with some time (three to five months) you’ll achieve the look!