Fab Feb Looks In Seconds

Have a last minute appointment to meet somebody and, beauty-wise, you’re unprepared?  Can’t carry your entire dresser with you to the office?  These wicked beauty tricks from hair to make-up will come in handy whether it’s for a morning meeting, last-minute company lunch (or booty call - ha!).

30-second Root Touch-up:  Overdue for a root touch-up and tired of the person sitting in front of looking at your dark or grey re-growth?.  Fix it fast, because it can affect their impression about you.  Quick fix:  Always have an eyeshadow (yes, eyeshadow) color close to your existing hair hue.  Wet your makeup brush first before dabbing it into the shadow powder and smudge it on the root area you want to cover (normally along your hairline and your parting).  Wetting the brush makes the powder stay on for a longer time.  Another must-have that will save your life is a hair mascara wand.  Try to find the one with shimmer.  Crayons and hair mascara tend look dull and unnatural.  Good find:  Andre Walker Hair Make-up ( It’s super-effective at lightening dark roots, even if you’re blonde. It covers grey hair like a champ with their different tones like gold, copper or red.  No wonder Oprah is so addicted to this product!

60-second Hair Volume: Isn’t it so frustrating when the front top of your hair gets limp, greasy, or both?  It can ruin your day having your fringes not falling right, especially when you wear it long.  Starting today, carry a travel size shampoo and conditioner in your beauty pouch as a greasy-hair SOS remedy.  Quick fix:  Tie your hair with a clip or ponytail leaving the top of your front hair.  Bend towards the sink and carefully wash your bangs with shampoo and conditioner and voilà!  Instant hair refreshment!  Now you can just quickly blowdry it for fresh looking hair with volume.  Skip the baby powder, it’s too messy.  Good find: Tigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo.  It’s made with a very fine rice grain that absorbs oil.  Spray it on your scalp all over and style.  Shhh... it’s our little dirty secret.

90-second Smokey Eyes:  It seems like there’s always someplace to go out after work (you’ll never know who you’re going to meet).  Or maybe you’re simply hanging out with girlfriends for a girls’ night out.  Get smokey eyes for a sultry look.  Quick fix:  Since you already have make-up on from work, all you need is a dark gray or black eyeshadow.  Apply it with the tip of your middle finger and concentrating on the base of your eyelid, gradually fading towards the crease of your eyelid.  Use the black eyeshadow from the middle to the outer corner of the bottom of your eyes. Next, top the base of your eyelashes with black eyeliner and finish with mascara.  Good find:  Sephora’s Smokey Eye Palette.  Bat those smokin’ hot eyes for a sexier you!