V-Day Hair and Skin

The holiday chaos is over and it’s time again to work on your goal for this year.  If any of them are “work out more,” “lose weight,” or “diet,” beauty should be associated with it.  Let’s start by getting your hair and skin healthier for a romantic month with your beau.

Romantic Hair:  Nobody likes to run their fingers through your tresses if they get stuck on the ends because it’s knotty, right?  Knotty (not naughty!) hair is not only a hassle, but creates a whole new set of problems.  It makes your hair look dull and can lead to breakage.

How can you get silky, lustrous hair this year?  Make it a habit to get Reviving Hair Treatments at your secret salon every time you get your hair color, and especially after you get highlights.  Consistently use low-sudsing shampoos and reconstructive conditioners.  Oprah’s hairstylist recently launched a product called Andre Walker Hair and comes with a Keratin Shampoo and Keratin Conditioner - it is such a breakthrough!  Each bottle is formulated with an entire Aloe Vera Leaf and the Keratin replenishes proteins you may have lost due to swimming, washing, or daily styling.

Protect each strand of your hair from blowdrying, straightening, or curling.  Too much direct heat will cause breakage.  Redken Heat Styling Spray Starch is an amazing thermal protector and provides amazing hold.  Just like military men who use starch on their uniforms to give it that well put-together look, Redken’s Spray Starch works wonders.

For the romantic look:  Wash your hair with cleanser and conditioner.  Allow it air dry or quickly hand-dry it 100% with a blowdryer, skipping the brush.  Next, divide your hair into two sections; from ear to ear along the back of your head (you’ll have a “top half” and “bottom half”).  On the bottom half, grab a piece a couple of inches wide and spray the thermal protector once from middle of the section to the ends, then wind the ends with a curling iron and repeat on the following sections.  PLEASE do not apply hairspray after you curl a section.  Simply resist the urge.  (In fact, put the hairspray in the other room.)  This will weigh down the hair, and make your curl look dead and limp.  When you’re done with all the sections, apply a dime-sized amount of serum on your palm and spread it.  Bend over and scrunch your hair on the ends and gently run your fingers through your new curls to break them just a bit (so it won’t look like you just got out of a roller-set).  Viola!  Bouncy, sexy and romantic curls for you!

Romantic skin is in!  (When was it not?)  The stress from hosting parties for family and friends probably left you with breakouts, dryness, or dark circles under your eyes.  Now is the best time to reset.  Cleanse your skin with an exfoliator to remove the dead skin on the surface then apply a hydrating and repairing mud mask as part of your routine.  This chilly weather may also leave your skin dull, the mask will help to illuminate your gorgeous face.  Try Philosophy Purity with the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System.  This cleansing massager loosens dirt and make-up that can’t be removed with just regular cleanser and hands alone.  This will also prepare your skin to absorb the mask and moisturizer.  When your skin is in it’s healthiest state, applying make-up suddenly requires much less coverage.

For the romantic look: barely there eyeshadow, topped with cat-eye looking liner using a black liquid liner.  Coral or peach blush and put on that red wine lipstick.  That’s it!

There’s no excuse not to love your healthy locks and radiant skin this V-Day!