Make Your Man Notice Your Hair

What does your guy think about your hair?  He didn’t notice your last color change? Or your cut? Or your curls?  During a typical salon visit you’ll get a trim, touch up your roots and maybe have your hair blown out.  When you get home you’ll ask your man, “do you notice anything different about me?” expecting that he’ll notice the change.  All you typically end up receiving is a plain, “yeah, it looks good, kinda the same” or maybe just a blank stare.  Disappointing, right?  Maybe you think he just doesn’t pay attention to what you do with your hair.  Here’s a hint: If your coworkers don’t notice the change in your hair (who see you everyday), don’t expect your guy to notice anything either.  Of course, don’t ask him every time you visit the salon.  If he thinks the new style you’ve got looks hot, you won’t have to fish for compliments.

Here’s the road to a hot new hair-do:  Color.  In general, you should try to keep your favorite color for three to four months for each of the seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Color is a huge change to begin with, we can do this without the need to snip off some of your hair.  If you want to stay blonde, try a different tone. If you think your haircolor is too washed-out, add some dark-blonde-mango lowlights.  Gold adds warmth and is a hot hue this season for a rich look.  If you’ve already got the warm gold, add some beige blonde highlights to create more contrast.  Brunettes, if you have naturally dull, light brown hair try a caramelized cherry color for a lustrous deep red.  If you happen to have green or blue eyes, this will supercharge your firey eye color!

Length.  Leave medium for the mediocre.  You can shore up your hair to your chin (or higher).  There’s a lot we can do to spice up the style.  You can stay symmetrical (like a single-length bob -forever-), or go asymmetrical (short in the back, long in the front, or one side longer than the other).  You can stay with the 80s rounded-looking layers, or you can go spikey with short chunky layers to create unevenness for a younger, foxier look.  If you’ve got long locks that you want to keep and still have the same flat or U-shape base, ask your hair expert to switch it up for you and go with sharp V-shape ends.  Not only will this clean up any split ends, it can even make your hair look longer (remind your stylist to maintain the fullness of your ends)!  No matter what, if you want to keep your length (short or long), just cutting your bangs will certainly get everyone’s attention.

If changing color, cutting, or long hair isn’t for you, simply having your hair expert giving you a cosmopolitan blow-out (straight with volume and waves on the ends) will do the trick.  If you’ve been scrunching your hair and wearing it wavy, get the city sleeker look, which is super-straight, by asking your hair helper to iron it out.

Ultimately, the best hairstyle for you is the one which inspires confidence and of course, the one your man notices!