Patient Prom at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Kamilah Griggs, our newest Lead Stylist, selflessly volunteered her time this weekend to help brighten the atmosphere at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital's annual Prom for Teen Patients.

We are so proud of Kamilah for donating her time to help others. We hope her generosity and goodwill spreads to others!

Kamilah Griggs poses with a Joe DiMaggio patient after styling her hair for the annual Teen Patient Prom.

For even more photos, visit the Joe DiMaggio photo album on Facebook: click here.

Spring into Color


Spring, oh how we missed thee! We enjoyed wearing our furry coats, riding boots and burgundy hues on about everything we could find but we welcome warm weather with open arms.

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Valentine's Day Style

Valentine Day Hair Ideas

We are getting close to one of the important days in February, which is Valentine’s Day! Even if we ought to celebrate love and romance every single day. But this is a special day that comes only once in a year.

Dismiss Frizz

Smooth. Manageable. Shiny. SAFE: Urban Smooth Treatment

 100% Formaldehyde and Ammonia-Free.  

 Who is the perfect candidate for UST?

Men and women who want manageable hair for easy styling. Those who are looking for wash-and-go without worrying about humidity, and for those who wants intense shine and smoothness. Most importantly this is for you if you’re looking for the safest treatment for a naturally-straight look. It is not recommended for highlighted hair with bleach.

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New Year New You


If you’re looking to be inspired, you came to the right place. A new year is great time for a new beginning. But it’s not just about the resolutions we make. What’s most important is the way we feel about ourselves in the process. Maybe you’re looking to open a new business. Maybe your wanderlust has ignited and you’re ready to travel down a new path. Whatever 2016 looks like for you, changing your look gives you the boost of confidence you need, to make your goals a reality.


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Top 5 - Holiday Hair Colors for Winter 2015


Rita Hazan, hairstylist to the stars such as Bey and J.Lo says,"You should change the tone of your hair color seasonally–in the same way you change your makeup and wardrobe". Her expert advice suggests shifting your color one or two shades warmer to complement the shift of your complexion through the seasons. 

 South Florida doesn’t exactly have “seasons” but any way you slice it, a new look, a new color can certainly put you in a better mood to welcome any changes in your life. While we may be open to changes, they mean different things to different people and that’s why we’ve compiled a versatile list for the top 5 colors to help you celebrate the end of 2015 and the start of 2016.

 1. Multifaceted Platinum

For my highlight enthusiasts, let’s take it up a notch and get you strutting like a multifaceted lady boss. Embellish your light colors with streaks of darker gradients to bring out a new your hair a modern ‘platinum’ look with golden blondes and hints of grey and dark chocolate that’s sure to strike up a conversation. Did we mention it comes to life when it catches the light?

 2. Black Raven

Everyone loves a little mystery but if you’re serious about taking it over to the dark side of the moon, the black raven is calling your name. Ultra Black goes with any complexion and has been seen on celebs from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Halle Berry. You know the saying, black is always in and this winter, we’re taking it over to the dark side. 

 3. Dark and Fruity Plum

Want something dark but with a little more color? Maybe you’re thinking of going dark but black is a bit too drastic. Try a deep plum, adding just the right amount of purple for a color that is as intriguing as it is sexy. Purple is the color of royalty and honey, you’ll be feeling all kinds of imperial. 

 4. Mahogany

This is the color of the season. I’d call it the redheaded sister to our previous decadent plum. If you tend to lean more towards reds, step up your game this year. This gorgeous shade has been on the trendsetting track as the top winter color. Women everywhere have been transforming into fierce warrior goddesses. This color is something straight out of a Peter Jackson film.

5. Rose Copper

Always wanted to look just like Jessica Chastain? Here’s your chance. Maybe you’re style is on the dainty side. Trying to tap into your inner femininity? This rose copper takes your redheaded locks and pinks it up a notch with a light and delicate appeal that’s as captivating as it’s name. 

Hair-Styling Tools You Need On Your Wish List!


 Still thinking about what you want for Christmas? We’re about to give you insight into some of the most innovative styling tools to date. Throw out your old, dingy round brush. Lose that ever confusing and frustrating curling iron and for goodness sake, put that shampoo down. These are the three items you need to add to your wishlist this holiday season:

 1. The StyleWinder by Bio Ionic.

 It doesn’t get any easier than this, ladies. Not everyone is a Pinterest-pro and the stylewinder sympathizes with you. If you can separate your hair into random pieces and use your opposable thumb, the battle is already won. The magic behind this tool is its rotating clamp that creates full waves any pinterest board would be envious of. But wait, there’s more! It has nanoionic minerals that hydrate and condition your hair as you use it. You can control the temperature, digitally. Nothing worse than wondering why, half way through, the heat has disappeared because your thumb has been slowly turning it down as you curl. It goes up to 440 degrees to accommodate different hair types and it’s bioceramic for heat that’s constant and fast. Take your time and make it neat or run it through for a subtle wave. Malibu barbie ain’t got nothing on you!

 2. The BlueWave Brush by Bio Ionic

 What if there was a brush that could cut your blow dry time in half and leave your hair feeling smoother and straighter than you’ve experienced in the past? There is. It’s called the Bio Ionic BlueWave “square-round”, that’s correct, brush. Bio Ionic calls it a breakthrough in brush design, making it one of the most versatile styling tools ever. And yes, you need it.

 3. Decadence - No Poo & One Condition by DevaCurl

 Let’s start here. If you’re an organic loving, vegan crazed, new aged nut, you’ll love

the ingredient list. Chufa milk, quinoa protein and grapeseed oil. A yogi’s paradise. The milk is rich in vitamins and minerals to soothe and nourish. The protein strengthens and protects, while the oil adds shine and luster. Where my curly girls at? The answer to our prayers, this no-poo is especially designed for you, curly and super curly hair. It does not strip your hair of it’s natural oils and of course it is sulfate, paraben and silicon free. Use it just like you should shampoo, excuse my french.

 This year may have been a beauty styling disaster but you can bet your bottom dollar that come next year, you’ll be looking fly and barely trying. Things are looking up for you, doll. Don’t forget to tell Santa we referred you.

Holiday Hair & Makeup Tips



Power of the Ponytail.

“That’s what it’s all about, HEY!” The Ponytail has made a transformative comeback. No longer saved for lazy days, but seen on red carpet celebs like Kim K, Kerry Washington and Gwyneth Paltrow. Here are two classic and simple pony’s to complete your holiday look:

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Quick and Stylish Updos for Everyday



Yes, even the ones that always seem to have it together on the daily, wake up with a crazy, out of control lion’s mane. What to do on a bad hair day?

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3 Simple and Fun Hairstyles and Makeup for Halloween Costumes

You’ve finally found the perfect costume and now it’s time to get real. What are you doing with your hair? How are you going to pull off that complicated looking face paint?

kids | 7 ways to get the CUT without the DRAMA

When it comes to kids and haircuts, the two can be completely opposing words and the experience can be quite dramatic. From your perspective, your child is misbehaving; challenging you in public and making you feel embarrassed.

Benefits of deep conditioning


Feeling a little dry these days? Have you thought about how dry your hair might be feeling? How quick are you to condition your lips when they’re chapped or rub lotion on those ashy elbows?


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Best Hair Trends Fall 2015


As quickly as the leaves fade, wither and fall, so summer trends come to a warm end. We’re entering a season of cooler weather with new trends to match. From Harpar’s Bazaar to Marie Claire to Elle magazine, we scoured the internet to bring you the best new looks for the fall. These are our top five picks, enjoy!

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MAKE-UP hacks | every girl should know


Secrets? We’ve got ‘em. Tips? Get your phones ready. You might want to screenshot these for later.

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Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Work


You’ve passed the maximum amount of snoozes before you risk being late for work. Time to get up, rush to dress and hope to look halfway decent on the way out. That’s when your eyes catch a glimpse of your hair, in the rearview mirror. 


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Trending Hairstyles 2015


It’s Miami Beach, summer is here and it’s hot! If you’re on the same page as most of the brave women down here, you are more than ready to lose the fur coat hanging from your scalp. But spark and courage only gain momentum when you know what you want. Need some direction? Let’s dive into 5 of the hottest styles, in no particular order, strutting around SoBe. That includes classic and trending summer looks for 2015. For those proud and in love with their locks, we’ve got some looks for you, too. 

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trending hair-Styles for SoBE 2015


It’s Miami Beach, summer is here and it’s hot! If you’re on the same page as most of the brave women down here, you are more than ready to lose the fur coat hanging from your scalp. But spark and courage only gain momentum when you know what you want. Need some direction? Let’s dive into 5 of the hottest styles, in no particular order, strutting around SoBe. That includes classic and trending summer looks for 2015. For those proud and in love with their locks, we’ve got some looks for you, too. 

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Men's Hairstyles 2015


Get carried away with the infinite number of various Men’s Hairstyles of 2015

From the past up until today, we have seen many sexy hairstyles trending amongst men that have positively driven the ladies wild. Classic retro looks have definitely been making a come back as well as the bedhead look that never died down and an endless variety of fades. Who said men can’t be hair savvy? This summer, it’s up to you what you want to do for your hair do! So let’s take a stroll down some-but not all-of the magnificent men’s hairstyles because If I were to mention all of them, you’d be reading this blog all day.


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For the Love of Make Up


As most women know, makeup is usually a girl’s best friend...
Sometimes it's closer to us than even some friends and family. So, how do you know when make up is your friend and not your enemy? How do you know that it will either help mesmerize your crush or put you in a circus? Or worse, not land that job you so desperately needed or wanted. Well, for those of us whom work, the “all natural gal’ “ look is most suitable. Don’t apply the dramatic “club hopper” make up that you would wear on a night out. What I mean by that is, no smokey eyes (or obnoxious, glittery eye shadows), avoid loud lipstick (nude or neutral pinks) and no fake eyelashes or over-done eyeliner! If anything, add some bronze to your finished make up for a natural glow. The workplace is where you must be looked at as a professional and if you over do it with your make up, nobody will take you seriously. You’ll be seen as unprofessional and disrespectful because, in general, your future boss or current boss wants their employees to be well-kept, clean and presentable. As far as how well you do your make up on those night’s to mingle or on those weekends where work isn’t a thought in your head until Sunday night. Here’s some additional advice: if you don’t already know the in-and-outs, here are some of the beauty ins that all make up professionals know.

Summer Trends!


Welcome back Summer with the best hairstyles of 2015!

Summer 2015 is finally here to pair the best of hairstyles with that oh so flirty summer dress you’ve been dying to wear all year long. No beach hats please because the best hair do’s are here! From fun braids and romantic waves to teased hair and edgy ponytails, the hottest Celebs are leading the way with the most stunning of hair trends. Sit back and take notes as we guide you through the season’s hairstyle fashions.

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Anti Frizz Control


Controlling frizz can be easy ladies! Here’s how:

 One thing on every girl’s mind is this: frizz. We all cringe at the idea of being seen by anyone with frizzy hair. We can all agree that winter is by far our hair’s favorite time of the year but what about summer? Summer means fun in the sun, sexy bikinis and awesome tans. The only down fall: unmanageable hair. Why should we even worry about that? Obviously, we always want to look our best. Luckily, by doing these few simple steps, you will find that your hair will look as vibrant and silky smooth as ever during this time of the year. I am almost positive that every stylist does not stress this enough: Do not brush dry hair. I can almost guarantee that when you brush dry hair, frizz magically appears. Well, it’s not black magic. The reason lies within all the complex cells that take part into making up a strand of hair. These strands of hair are layered with cuticles. When these cuticles get disrupted with brushing through dry hair, breakage occurs which primarily causes frizz so towel dry and mask the hair with some leave in conditioner or your favorite anti-frizz product.


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Here Comes the Bride


Your big day is just around the corner, and you’re struggling to figure out when to get what done in terms of making sure you shine on the day of. It happens to every bride-to-be, and you are no exception. The first step is to breathe, and not stress. The second, is to know the basics when it comes to timing. After all, it is everything.

Hair Straightening


Before permanent hair straightening came along, women and men alike faced a losing battle with their hair straighteners and blow dryers. Even with powerful conditioners, the style might hold for a day, but it didn’t last much longer than that. However, with the renaissance of former practices, permanent straightening is the new frontier when it comes to women who are tired of curls.In the world of permanent straightening, you usually have a couple options. These options depend on whether the product is breaking the bonds that give the hair shape, or whether they’re merely molding them for a given period of time. 


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Spring Hairstyles


Hairstyles tend to come and go. One year, the bob is in. The next year, everyone is in love with long locks. A horrible hairstyle can bring down an entire outfit. You could be dressed to the nines, but a messy up-do is really going to mess with your overall image. Conversely, a fabulous hairstyle can bring even the most drab of outfits full circle.

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Prom Seaon




The prom is an American right of passage. It is a delightful combination of a fluttering heart as that special boy asks you to be his date, the agony of finding the right dress, the hurried rush through the mall to find the immaculately matched accessories, and finally, that gentle joy as his eyes light up when he sees you in your glorious splendor.But getting ready for the prom can be quite the process. Before you make a beeline for a dress shop like Camille La Vie to score your prom chic, decide your look. This will make it easier for you to coordinate your style to prom queen level!

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Yelping for Joy!

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Online Appointment Request


Request your next appointment RIGHT NOW!

Status Update

Hi Everyone! We just updated our Hair Extensions FAQ - Check it out if you have any questions about the care of your extensions!

A Couple of Things We Forgot to Mention

Lea Black (of Real Housewives of Miami fame) recently Tweeted and FB Status Updated us:

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Men's Hair v2.0

Can’t figure out what you really want for your hairstyle?  Got your hair snipped way shorter than what you wanted, or felt like that recent $35 visit took more money out of your pocket than hair off your head?  It’s not always about how much hair your stylist cuts, but how much they leave on.

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Camp Fiesta

On Friday, August 3 2013, three aztig urban salon team members selflessly donated their time at Camp Fiesta in Fort Lauderdale to help bring smiles to the faces of young children suffering from cancer. In all, team members Sundy, Lindsey, and Allison managed to render hair services of almost 50 children! Please congratulate these three selfless individuals next time you see them!

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The Black's Annual Gala

Roy and Lea Black's "The Black's Annual Gala" - A little tradition of ours (we'll be there, come join us!):

Local 10 Voting Standings

We were doing some digging around and we found out that the standings are posted LIVE for each category we're in.

We need to be #1 in the "Hair Salon" category! Currently, we've not placed on the most important category - start voting - vote every day.

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Local 10's Top 10

Local 10 Top 10

You did an amazing job getting us to Local 10's Top 10 list in 2011, and we hope that we've earned your help again this year. They've made it easier than ever to vote for your favorite businesses:

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We're moving up in the world!

We're proud to announce our acceptance into the membership roster of the Professional Beauty Association!

From the day we opened nearly three years ago, we codified our commitment to excellence in guest service, honest business practices, and the fair treatment of salon staff, and today we have been recognized for that commitment.

Rest assured, we will continue to pioneer guest service standards, and innovate your next salon visit.

Less is More This Fall

If you’re looking for short hair cuts to end the summer, you’ve probably seen Miley Cyrus’ pixie cut. You've probably also browsed thousands of images for that short hairstyle but still can't decide if you're going to go for it. What are you waiting for? End the over-processed summer-of-hair stringy-and-brittleness business. Here’s a few tips to encourage you:

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Hot Summer Braids

Hot summer, hot hair! How do you maintain your composure despite the summer heat? In this article I will help you survive June bridal events, outdoor luncheons, and everyday workwear hair.  Braids are back with creative vengeance!

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Beauty Stash Spring Cleaning

Well, it's that time of the year again! My favorite season in sunny South Florida (Spring!) but it’s a mission to make time for spring cleaning. The sheer volume of make-up, toiletries and beauty equipments that clutter my cabinet or dresser could take months or even years to go through over time, so let me share with you the Four "Ds": DONATE, DISCARD, DEFINITELY KEEP and DECIDE LATER.  It's important to know when to let go of something and how long you can keep it. Most especially when your hair, skin and personal hygiene is concerned. Here's a quick education for our beauty products shelf life:

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Teenage Hair Dramas

Perhaps you’re dealing with your teenager’s spiked hair or hormones right now. Red hair color today, blue-black tomorrow. They’re experimenting and probably giving you daily heart attacks. Don't fret. I want to share some advice on how you can survive this stage of your child’s life and revive their damaged hair due to store-bought out-of-the-box hair colors.

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Top 5 Hair Issues

You.  Yes you.  I want to solve some of your most concerning hair issues.  Keep reading and you’ll find out how.

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Employ Your Hair to Get Employed

So you don’t have a job.  Don’t pull your hair out.  You’ll need it!  I bet you’ve already got several companies lined-up for an interview.  It’s time to put your best face forward by looking your best.

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Hey Ombre!

Notice the hair of the the VS angels recently?  No?  Grab the catalog and take a second look at the Victoria’s Secret girls.  Their hair color seems so natural and their roots are visible, right?  Well, that’s the hottest look right now! A few of our favorite Hollywood stars are wearing the ombre ([AHM-bray], meaning “graduated” or “shaded” in French) style like Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson and Camila Alves, to name a few.  The color tone is gradual and that’s what gives the effect of having spent some time at the beach, it makes your highlights look natural and are defined mostly on the ends.

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Fab Feb Looks In Seconds

Have a last minute appointment to meet somebody and, beauty-wise, you’re unprepared?  Can’t carry your entire dresser with you to the office?  These wicked beauty tricks from hair to make-up will come in handy whether it’s for a morning meeting, last-minute company lunch (or booty call - ha!).

30-second Root Touch-up:  Overdue for a root touch-up and tired of the person sitting in front of looking at your dark or grey re-growth?.  Fix it fast, because it can affect their impression about you.  Quick fix:  Always have an eyeshadow (yes, eyeshadow) color close to your existing hair hue.  Wet your makeup brush first before dabbing it into the shadow powder and smudge it on the root area you want to cover (normally along your hairline and your parting).  Wetting the brush makes the powder stay on for a longer time.  Another must-have that will save your life is a hair mascara wand.  Try to find the one with shimmer.  Crayons and hair mascara tend look dull and unnatural.  Good find:  Andre Walker Hair Make-up ( It’s super-effective at lightening dark roots, even if you’re blonde. It covers grey hair like a champ with their different tones like gold, copper or red.  No wonder Oprah is so addicted to this product!

60-second Hair Volume: Isn’t it so frustrating when the front top of your hair gets limp, greasy, or both?  It can ruin your day having your fringes not falling right, especially when you wear it long.  Starting today, carry a travel size shampoo and conditioner in your beauty pouch as a greasy-hair SOS remedy.  Quick fix:  Tie your hair with a clip or ponytail leaving the top of your front hair.  Bend towards the sink and carefully wash your bangs with shampoo and conditioner and voilà!  Instant hair refreshment!  Now you can just quickly blowdry it for fresh looking hair with volume.  Skip the baby powder, it’s too messy.  Good find: Tigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo.  It’s made with a very fine rice grain that absorbs oil.  Spray it on your scalp all over and style.  Shhh... it’s our little dirty secret.

90-second Smokey Eyes:  It seems like there’s always someplace to go out after work (you’ll never know who you’re going to meet).  Or maybe you’re simply hanging out with girlfriends for a girls’ night out.  Get smokey eyes for a sultry look.  Quick fix:  Since you already have make-up on from work, all you need is a dark gray or black eyeshadow.  Apply it with the tip of your middle finger and concentrating on the base of your eyelid, gradually fading towards the crease of your eyelid.  Use the black eyeshadow from the middle to the outer corner of the bottom of your eyes. Next, top the base of your eyelashes with black eyeliner and finish with mascara.  Good find:  Sephora’s Smokey Eye Palette.  Bat those smokin’ hot eyes for a sexier you!

V-Day Hair and Skin

The holiday chaos is over and it’s time again to work on your goal for this year.  If any of them are “work out more,” “lose weight,” or “diet,” beauty should be associated with it.  Let’s start by getting your hair and skin healthier for a romantic month with your beau.

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Give Your Child A Phenomenal Hair Experience This Year

New Year’s is the best time to get your kids into a new ‘do!  Are you tired of your son’s buzz cut that reminds you of your classmate in pre-school, or your daughter’s one-length haircut like when you were five.  If going to the stylist is a mission for you and your child, I’d like to make your life easier with a “little” advice from a hairstylist who’s been handling little haircuts for ten years.

Hunting for that perfect new hair place.
Scout nearby plazas or ask other parents where they take their children for haircuts.  Ask the parents whose child is near in age to yours with similar hair texture and hair color.  Try the child pickup line at school, football or soccer fields, and the playground.  Most parents will be happy to share their child’s secret hair place.  Also ask your personal haircare professional what is the youngest age hair he or she styles.  If your child is younger than that age, maybe your hair guru can recommend another stylist in the salon that could do it.  To be honest, children’s hair grows so fast that you can afford trying a couple of new places in a single month!

Prep before the appointment.
Arm yourself with snacks and drinks in case the little one gets hungry, or call ahead to the salon and see if they offer them for kids (some do!).  Some salons will even play movies to keep your child’s attention.  Avoid bringing them when they’re sleepy or just after waking up; it’s not likely going to be a success.  Bring extra clothing, especially a shirt, as hair will slip through the cape.  Sometimes kids are claustrophobic when it comes to putting a cape around their neck; you can ask for an extra cape for you so your baby won’t stress out.  Oh!  It’s helpful to bring a mini DVD player or any toys that usually keeps them busy or still.  Try reading to them!  I sometimes ask my “cute little clientele” to count every time they ask me if we’re almost done.

What hairstyle to pick.
Schedule a consultation with the potential hair place before deciding.  This has two benefits: Consultation helps your child get used to the place without even doing the cut that day, and it also gives you an idea what type of personality your hairstylist has.  Remember, consultation is key.  A great consultation will give your little one a great new ‘do for the new year!

Holiday Kitchen Hair Care

Crisp, cool weather is almost like prayers answered for you to be able to wear your hair down without a meltdown.  It also means less thermal styling and washing your mane less frequently.  Ask me what’s the best way to keep your tresses soft and flowing this season and my answer is simple: look no further than your kitchen.  That’s where you may be spending most of your days this holiday season anyway, right?  I’ll help you save time and dollars while you accomplish all the cooking and preparation.

Here’s our goal: Cleanse, moisturize, and protect your hair just like skin!  When it comes to caring for your skin, nails and hair the process is pretty much the same except that your hair is a hardened protein.  In order for it to stay healthy, there are some ritual that can’t be missed:

Cleansing:  Once in a while you need to clarify your hair for deep cleansing to remove build-ups from hair styling products (e.g. hairspray, leave-in conditioner, mousse, etc.) . How would you know there’s too much build-up?  Your hair appears or feels heavy, dull, or it clumps together.  Instead of using clarifying shampoo (which is too harsh for your hair and will strip color and keratin) try this: Shampoo your hair twice, then towel dry it.  Blend a half slice of lemon juice and a spoonful of your daily conditioner.  Apply the blend all over your hair and massage it on your hair towards the ends.  Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Moisturizing:  Stroll around your kitchen, check the fridge and cabinets and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of hydrating fruits, vegetables and oils.  Please please please -skip the mayonnaise- if you don’t want to end up with hair like a grease ball.  Try this concoction instead: Half a slice of avocado and a teaspoon of olive oil or grape seed oil.  Blend it and apply it on dry, unwashed hair.  Make sure to concentrate on the ends which, by the way, is the most porous part of hair.  Leave it for 15-30 minutes.  Rinse, shampoo, then condition.

Protecting:  Cleansing and moisturizing is simply not enough to complete your holiday hair care.  Although the heat is not so intense this season, it’s still important to protect your hair from the impurities from the environment.  After conditioning, squeeze some fresh grapefruit or kiwi juice and dab it on your hair shaft.  Let it sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse lightly; we want to keep the vitamin C and antioxidant-rich essentials while leaving enough of the citrus’ natural acidity to close the hair cuticle and make for massive shine.

Beauty Gift Guide 101

Right now is the best time to ask everyone for their wish-lists and to start buying their gifts one at a time so you won’t be spending all of your money at once just before the holidays.  I realize that’s easy if you already know what everybody wants.  But, what if you don’t have any idea on what your female in-laws, lady boss, or girlfriend(s) want?  This season steer away from restaurant gift cards, shopping gift cards (e.g. Nordstroms, Macy’s, etc.) which is already their destinations this holiday anyway.  Giving the gift of beauty gives them a chance to feel and look great during or after (especially after) the chaotic holiday season.

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Summer's Hottest Hair Trend

The Look
Anyone familiar with American Idol -this season especially- is fully aware of the several changes the show has taken on.  Namely the amazing talent to make it to Hollywood this year, and replacement of two of the three judges, most importantly (in the hair and fashion industry) the introduction of Steven Tyler.  Not only has bringing on Steven Tyler increased the number of rock n’ roll music performances on the show, it has also unleashed a torrent of new hair and fashion ideas.

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Our New Computer

 We've finally gotten ourselves a shiny new computer capable of editing full HD video!  Check out our first creation after the jump:

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Make Your Man Notice Your Hair

What does your guy think about your hair?  He didn’t notice your last color change? Or your cut? Or your curls?  During a typical salon visit you’ll get a trim, touch up your roots and maybe have your hair blown out.  When you get home you’ll ask your man, “do you notice anything different about me?” expecting that he’ll notice the change.  All you typically end up receiving is a plain, “yeah, it looks good, kinda the same” or maybe just a blank stare.  Disappointing, right?  Maybe you think he just doesn’t pay attention to what you do with your hair.  Here’s a hint: If your coworkers don’t notice the change in your hair (who see you everyday), don’t expect your guy to notice anything either.  Of course, don’t ask him every time you visit the salon.  If he thinks the new style you’ve got looks hot, you won’t have to fish for compliments.

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Calling All Curls

Got Curl? Got Too Much Curl?  Do you blame your genes for it?  Do your curls make you feel out of control?  Do you feel like you have a halo of frizz over your head all the time?  If you answered yes, then keep reading!

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Fall in Love With Your Hair Again

Natural, beach-wave tussled hair in SoFlo is great for giving your hair a break from too much heat styling.  This fall however, straight hair is making a come back.

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Let's Talk About Texture

When you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror at the mess sitting atop your head you likely cursed your genes (or the hairstylist you just fired) for giving you the most unmanageable hair ever.  But you don’t have to worry anymore.  We’ll go over some simple hair basics to help those of you with difficult to manage hair types.

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Summer Skin Care

It’s disgustingly hot outside right now as I write up this article.  Awfuly, sticky, repulsively-beautifully hot.  Summer is finally here!  Family beach day, park barbecue, bike riding, running: here I come!  But wait!  Not before we examine the impact of the summer sun on our skin, what causes those impacts, and what we can do to prevent problems.

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Wedding Day Hair Monster

High-stress weddings seem to be all the rage these last few years.  I can't imagine why.  Sure, many of us girls dream of our wedding day for most of our lives, but it seems like we don't get around to planning it until the last minute.  Why?  Today I am going to focus on one of the most important -- and overlooked -- aspects of weddings: your hair and makeup (and when to get it all done).

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The Skin Care Trifecta

We've all been there -- as we've grown up, the pubescent acne phase, and now, as we age, a new wrinkle here or a new freckle there.  While we may never be able to eliminate the effects of aging on our skin, we can certainly delay them.  In this issue we're going to talk about three simple daily rituals to keep your skin (all of it, not just your face) looking healthy and youthful.  A little of each one will go a long way to help keep your skin looking its best.  Simply put, you should cleanse, moisturize, and protect.  That's it.  Seriously.

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PRESS RELEASE - Put Your Old Gold to a New Use - Local Gold to Raise Money For The Gulf

GoldFellow™ Partners With aztig urban salon to Host “Gold For The Gulf” Event

Weston, FL (August 1, 2010) – GoldFellow™ and aztig urban salon partner together to raise money for Gulf Aid ( through the purchase of unwanted gold jewelry from local Weston residents.  “Gold For The Gulf” will take place on Thursday, September 2, 2010 from 6:00-9:00 PM at aztig urban salon, located at 1641 Bonaventure Blvd, Weston, FL 33326. This event is open to the public, and everybody is encouraged to come participate, to help the families affected by the oil spill in the Gulf.

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See Mom Run Book Launching

Last night we hosted a book launching for Jenny Isenman's book See Mom Run!  We had a blast, check the vid for the deets:

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Check our plug courtesy of Jenny "Jenny From the Blog" Isenman!


PRESS RELEASE - Your Hair Can Stop a Catastrophic Oil Spill

WESTON, Fla., May 15 /aztig urban salon/ -- As we scramble for a solution to the impending damage the Deepwater Horizon oil spill can cause, some may wonder what exactly they can do to help. As a matter of fact, there is a lot you can do to help! Human hair readily absorbs oil, even the crude oil currently venting into the Gulf of Mexico.

aztig urban salon in Weston, FL is actively collecting debris-free human hair clippings, clean animal fur clippings, new or used nylon stockings (even with runs) for donation to Matter of Trust, an organization dedicated to collecting, making, and distributing human hair oil-absorbing mats and oil booms.

If you have, or would like to donate your clippings or hair please contact: Chris at aztig urban salon at 954.358.9707, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or contact us through the web at

PRESS RELEASE - aztig urban salon in Weston Supports Cypress Bay High School RENT

WESTON, Fla., May 1 /aztig urban salon/ -- In a strong show of support for Weston's Cypress Bay High School's production of RENT, aztig urban salon of Weston, and Shiela Gomez, its Artistic Director and Master Stylist, have agreed to provide hairstyles and theatrical makeup for the cast's leading performers for each of the four nights of the upcoming production.


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PRESS RELEASE - aztig urban salon in Weston Brings a Whole New Idea to 'Having Your Hair Done'

WESTON, Fla., Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Master hair stylist Shiela Gomez, who has pampered Weston, Florida residents and visitors for nearly a year now, opened her own salon in the Fortune International Realty Plaza (soon to be Lakeside Plaza) at 1641 Bonaventure Boulevard, in Weston. Named "aztig," meaning "cool" in Shiela's native Filipino slang, aztig urban salon seeks to amaze their clients (called "guests") with unparalleled service and treatment.


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