reviews & praise

Pedro R.

"The level of professionalism and genuine charisma in this salon is absolutely commendable.  I am eternally grateful for Aztig's efforts to make the cast of RENT [from Cypress Bay High School's Lightning Drama] look fantastic.  Thank you for your hard work!  I got various surprised comments from cast members and audience on how realistic my [make-up] bruises looked!  Not to mention the salon itself is a very comfortable, unique, and memorable space.  Congratulations. :)"

Amanda Y.

"The staff at aztig [urban] salon is of utmost professionalism.  There is a friendly feeling at aztig that definitely makes me want to come back.  I have already recommended the business to my friends and family."

Paige S.

"My Experience at aztig [urban] salon was amazing.  Everyone is so friendly and very professional here.  I will definitely come back here!  Thank you so much! :)"


"I would really like to compliment and comment on how professional this salon is.  I really felt as if they did an awesome job and made me feel very comfortable.  I had a great time."

Jonathan Y.

"This salon is awesome!  The staff are super nice and helpful, they never hesitate to help you out."

Jake W.

"This salon has not only a beautiful facility, wonderfully talented staff, and a great location, but it is a pleasure to come here and participate in this beautifying experience.  After coming here and experiencing this salon I don't think I could go anywhere else."

Daniela M.

"This salon is the most amazing salon I have ever been to!"

Maria M.

"This salon is the most amazing one in the world, it is an amazing place where you can relax too!  ...Feel the power of the salon!"