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Our New Computer

 We've finally gotten ourselves a shiny new computer capable of editing full HD video!  Check out our first creation after the jump:

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Make Your Man Notice Your Hair

What does your guy think about your hair?  He didn’t notice your last color change? Or your cut? Or your curls?  During a typical salon visit you’ll get a trim, touch up your roots and maybe have your hair blown out.  When you get home you’ll ask your man, “do you notice anything different about me?” expecting that he’ll notice the change.  All you typically end up receiving is a plain, “yeah, it looks good, kinda the same” or maybe just a blank stare.  Disappointing, right?  Maybe you think he just doesn’t pay attention to what you do with your hair.  Here’s a hint: If your coworkers don’t notice the change in your hair (who see you everyday), don’t expect your guy to notice anything either.  Of course, don’t ask him every time you visit the salon.  If he thinks the new style you’ve got looks hot, you won’t have to fish for compliments.

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Calling All Curls

Got Curl? Got Too Much Curl?  Do you blame your genes for it?  Do your curls make you feel out of control?  Do you feel like you have a halo of frizz over your head all the time?  If you answered yes, then keep reading!

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