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Hot Summer Braids

Hot summer, hot hair! How do you maintain your composure despite the summer heat? In this article I will help you survive June bridal events, outdoor luncheons, and everyday workwear hair.  Braids are back with creative vengeance!

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Beauty Stash Spring Cleaning

Well, it's that time of the year again! My favorite season in sunny South Florida (Spring!) but it’s a mission to make time for spring cleaning. The sheer volume of make-up, toiletries and beauty equipments that clutter my cabinet or dresser could take months or even years to go through over time, so let me share with you the Four "Ds": DONATE, DISCARD, DEFINITELY KEEP and DECIDE LATER.  It's important to know when to let go of something and how long you can keep it. Most especially when your hair, skin and personal hygiene is concerned. Here's a quick education for our beauty products shelf life:

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Teenage Hair Dramas

Perhaps you’re dealing with your teenager’s spiked hair or hormones right now. Red hair color today, blue-black tomorrow. They’re experimenting and probably giving you daily heart attacks. Don't fret. I want to share some advice on how you can survive this stage of your child’s life and revive their damaged hair due to store-bought out-of-the-box hair colors.

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