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Smooth. Manageable. Shiny. SAFE: Urban Smooth Treatment

 100% Formaldehyde and Ammonia-Free.  

 Who is the perfect candidate for UST?

Men and women who want manageable hair for easy styling. Those who are looking for wash-and-go without worrying about humidity, and for those who wants intense shine and smoothness. Most importantly this is for you if you’re looking for the safest treatment for a naturally-straight look. It is not recommended for highlighted hair with bleach.

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New Year New You


If you’re looking to be inspired, you came to the right place. A new year is great time for a new beginning. But it’s not just about the resolutions we make. What’s most important is the way we feel about ourselves in the process. Maybe you’re looking to open a new business. Maybe your wanderlust has ignited and you’re ready to travel down a new path. Whatever 2016 looks like for you, changing your look gives you the boost of confidence you need, to make your goals a reality.


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Top 5 - Holiday Hair Colors for Winter 2015


Rita Hazan, hairstylist to the stars such as Bey and J.Lo says,"You should change the tone of your hair color seasonally–in the same way you change your makeup and wardrobe". Her expert advice suggests shifting your color one or two shades warmer to complement the shift of your complexion through the seasons. 

 South Florida doesn’t exactly have “seasons” but any way you slice it, a new look, a new color can certainly put you in a better mood to welcome any changes in your life. While we may be open to changes, they mean different things to different people and that’s why we’ve compiled a versatile list for the top 5 colors to help you celebrate the end of 2015 and the start of 2016.

 1. Multifaceted Platinum

For my highlight enthusiasts, let’s take it up a notch and get you strutting like a multifaceted lady boss. Embellish your light colors with streaks of darker gradients to bring out a new your hair a modern ‘platinum’ look with golden blondes and hints of grey and dark chocolate that’s sure to strike up a conversation. Did we mention it comes to life when it catches the light?

 2. Black Raven

Everyone loves a little mystery but if you’re serious about taking it over to the dark side of the moon, the black raven is calling your name. Ultra Black goes with any complexion and has been seen on celebs from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Halle Berry. You know the saying, black is always in and this winter, we’re taking it over to the dark side. 

 3. Dark and Fruity Plum

Want something dark but with a little more color? Maybe you’re thinking of going dark but black is a bit too drastic. Try a deep plum, adding just the right amount of purple for a color that is as intriguing as it is sexy. Purple is the color of royalty and honey, you’ll be feeling all kinds of imperial. 

 4. Mahogany

This is the color of the season. I’d call it the redheaded sister to our previous decadent plum. If you tend to lean more towards reds, step up your game this year. This gorgeous shade has been on the trendsetting track as the top winter color. Women everywhere have been transforming into fierce warrior goddesses. This color is something straight out of a Peter Jackson film.

5. Rose Copper

Always wanted to look just like Jessica Chastain? Here’s your chance. Maybe you’re style is on the dainty side. Trying to tap into your inner femininity? This rose copper takes your redheaded locks and pinks it up a notch with a light and delicate appeal that’s as captivating as it’s name. 


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