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For the Love of Make Up


As most women know, makeup is usually a girl’s best friend...
Sometimes it's closer to us than even some friends and family. So, how do you know when make up is your friend and not your enemy? How do you know that it will either help mesmerize your crush or put you in a circus? Or worse, not land that job you so desperately needed or wanted. Well, for those of us whom work, the “all natural gal’ “ look is most suitable. Don’t apply the dramatic “club hopper” make up that you would wear on a night out. What I mean by that is, no smokey eyes (or obnoxious, glittery eye shadows), avoid loud lipstick (nude or neutral pinks) and no fake eyelashes or over-done eyeliner! If anything, add some bronze to your finished make up for a natural glow. The workplace is where you must be looked at as a professional and if you over do it with your make up, nobody will take you seriously. You’ll be seen as unprofessional and disrespectful because, in general, your future boss or current boss wants their employees to be well-kept, clean and presentable. As far as how well you do your make up on those night’s to mingle or on those weekends where work isn’t a thought in your head until Sunday night. Here’s some additional advice: if you don’t already know the in-and-outs, here are some of the beauty ins that all make up professionals know.

Summer Trends!


Welcome back Summer with the best hairstyles of 2015!

Summer 2015 is finally here to pair the best of hairstyles with that oh so flirty summer dress you’ve been dying to wear all year long. No beach hats please because the best hair do’s are here! From fun braids and romantic waves to teased hair and edgy ponytails, the hottest Celebs are leading the way with the most stunning of hair trends. Sit back and take notes as we guide you through the season’s hairstyle fashions.

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Anti Frizz Control


Controlling frizz can be easy ladies! Here’s how:

 One thing on every girl’s mind is this: frizz. We all cringe at the idea of being seen by anyone with frizzy hair. We can all agree that winter is by far our hair’s favorite time of the year but what about summer? Summer means fun in the sun, sexy bikinis and awesome tans. The only down fall: unmanageable hair. Why should we even worry about that? Obviously, we always want to look our best. Luckily, by doing these few simple steps, you will find that your hair will look as vibrant and silky smooth as ever during this time of the year. I am almost positive that every stylist does not stress this enough: Do not brush dry hair. I can almost guarantee that when you brush dry hair, frizz magically appears. Well, it’s not black magic. The reason lies within all the complex cells that take part into making up a strand of hair. These strands of hair are layered with cuticles. When these cuticles get disrupted with brushing through dry hair, breakage occurs which primarily causes frizz so towel dry and mask the hair with some leave in conditioner or your favorite anti-frizz product.


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