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Hair Straightening


Before permanent hair straightening came along, women and men alike faced a losing battle with their hair straighteners and blow dryers. Even with powerful conditioners, the style might hold for a day, but it didn’t last much longer than that. However, with the renaissance of former practices, permanent straightening is the new frontier when it comes to women who are tired of curls.In the world of permanent straightening, you usually have a couple options. These options depend on whether the product is breaking the bonds that give the hair shape, or whether they’re merely molding them for a given period of time. 


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Spring Hairstyles


Hairstyles tend to come and go. One year, the bob is in. The next year, everyone is in love with long locks. A horrible hairstyle can bring down an entire outfit. You could be dressed to the nines, but a messy up-do is really going to mess with your overall image. Conversely, a fabulous hairstyle can bring even the most drab of outfits full circle.

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Prom Seaon




The prom is an American right of passage. It is a delightful combination of a fluttering heart as that special boy asks you to be his date, the agony of finding the right dress, the hurried rush through the mall to find the immaculately matched accessories, and finally, that gentle joy as his eyes light up when he sees you in your glorious splendor.But getting ready for the prom can be quite the process. Before you make a beeline for a dress shop like Camille La Vie to score your prom chic, decide your look. This will make it easier for you to coordinate your style to prom queen level!

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